More movie filming in our neighborhood

We live on 20th between Cherry and Jefferson.  We received a notice that they are filming scenes for “The Details” at 1915 Cherry (Cherry Hill Apartments) tonight.  They blocked off parking on 20th to allow space for staging from 8pm yesterday to 10pm today.  As of this morning no one has showed up but I’m hopeful we’ll get a glimpse of Tobey Maquire tonight.

Referendum 71 – Status Update

In July an anti-gay group submitted 137,689 signatures to the state to add Referendum 71 to the ballot in November. The state requires 120,577 valid signatures for the referendum to proceed. The state publishes daily updates on how their signature validation is coming along. These updates can be found at this Washington Secretary of State website. The current signature validation rate is 89.58% which is more than enough to get this hateful referendum on the ballot.

If this gets on the ballot please vote APPROVE to approve the domestic partnership bill passed by your state legislators to support equal rights for all. (Yes it is counter-intuitive that you need to vote approve for a referendum that you’d rather not vote on. Confusion is what the hateful anti-gays are banking on.)

Let’s get the word out now as November is right around the corner. To support the domestic partnership bill please visit
Washington Families Standing Together.

Thank you!

Have you planted your fall crops yet?

On Saturday we pulled out our old lettuce and other crops that were done.  We added compost and turned over the soil.  Then we seeded the following lettuce, kale, carrots, peas, beets, radishes, and more.  All are supposed to make good fall crops.  And the lettuce started coming up after only 3 days.  Sorry I don’t have any photos.

So get out there now and in a few weeks you’ll be eating more lettuce from the garden.

Tent City at 22nd & Cherry 4/25 – 6/27

Tent City3 is coming back to the neighborhood. Tent City members are being hosted by the Cherry Hill Baptist Church located at 700 22nd. A neighorhood meeting will be held this Sunday, 4/19, at 4pm at the church to learn more about Tent City3.

What do you know about Tent City? What do you think about hosting homeless individuals?