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Have you planted your fall crops yet?

On Saturday we pulled out our old lettuce and other crops that were done.  We added compost and turned over the soil.  Then we seeded the following lettuce, kale, carrots, peas, beets, radishes, and more.  All are supposed to make good fall crops.  And the lettuce started coming up after only 3 days.  Sorry I don’t have any photos.

So get out there now and in a few weeks you’ll be eating more lettuce from the garden.

0 thoughts on “Have you planted your fall crops yet?

  1. Kale and cauliflower are in. Brussel sprouts are still waiting to be transplanted. The squash are growing every day and taking up all my room!

  2. We have more squash and zuchinni then we no what to do with. Fortunately, our neighbors help out.