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More movie filming in our neighborhood

We live on 20th between Cherry and Jefferson.  We received a notice that they are filming scenes for “The Details” at 1915 Cherry (Cherry Hill Apartments) tonight.  They blocked off parking on 20th to allow space for staging from 8pm yesterday to 10pm today.  As of this morning no one has showed up but I’m hopeful we’ll get a glimpse of Tobey Maquire tonight.

0 thoughts on “More movie filming in our neighborhood

  1. FYI, he was awfully courteous and considerate at the filming on 26th and Fir. Autographs and photos. I could not make my kids believe “he” was Spiderman:)

  2. Really? Can’t you get some biodiesel or something. We had to shut all our windows. Assholes.

  3. The film crew has been running their diesel powered generators in the huge trailers parked outside my house all day. I’m awash in stinking fumes. It smells like LA inside my house now.

  4. I wonder if they are running their engines to generate electricity?

    Maybe someone could just run out an extension cord from their house or something – so they don’t have to run their stinky engines all day.

    Or you could also stuff a potato in their exhaust pipes : ).