More News On Homer Harris Garbage Cans

So I received a call back today from Jon Martin at Seattle Parks department. Turns out the 2 garbage cans were taken away on purpose as part of a budget reduction strategy by the City. They are looking to cut expenses on garbage maintenance and are adapting a “pack it in, pack it out mentality.” Not sure how well that mentality will work in our ‘hood – there was already enough trash on the ground with 3 cans – I fear it will only get worse with one! It is really a shame as many folks who walk their dogs in the park – like me – found the cans a nice convenience and made it easy to dispose of the offending poop!

Garbage Cans at Homer Harris Park

Has anyone noticed that 2 of 3 garbage cans are missing from Homer Harris Park? They were there on Friday morning, then gone by afternoon. I placed a call to Jon Martin at Seattle Parks (684-4750) who is the crew chief to request new ones. Hopefully they will re-appear soon so we won’t have to use anyone’s personal garbage pail!