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Garbage Cans at Homer Harris Park

Has anyone noticed that 2 of 3 garbage cans are missing from Homer Harris Park? They were there on Friday morning, then gone by afternoon. I placed a call to Jon Martin at Seattle Parks (684-4750) who is the crew chief to request new ones. Hopefully they will re-appear soon so we won’t have to use anyone’s personal garbage pail!

0 thoughts on “Garbage Cans at Homer Harris Park

  1. Thanks for keeping an eye on things at the park. It’s a great community resource and we all need to work together to make sure it stays that way. We certainly don’t want people to have any excuse for littering!

  2. I just received an email from a reader of the Leschi News that cans have disappeared at Frink Park as well and she predicts litter in our future. I fear that our urban mentality does not include “pack it out”. Our community is maxed with park maintenance (removing blackberries, ivy, etc.) and will find it difficult to add litter to this task list.

  3. Why not just take your garbage home? What garbage do you really bring to the park that cannot be taken out with you? C’mon!