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More News On Homer Harris Garbage Cans

So I received a call back today from Jon Martin at Seattle Parks department. Turns out the 2 garbage cans were taken away on purpose as part of a budget reduction strategy by the City. They are looking to cut expenses on garbage maintenance and are adapting a “pack it in, pack it out mentality.” Not sure how well that mentality will work in our ‘hood – there was already enough trash on the ground with 3 cans – I fear it will only get worse with one! It is really a shame as many folks who walk their dogs in the park – like me – found the cans a nice convenience and made it easy to dispose of the offending poop!

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  1. That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of. They still have to empty the one remaining can. How much does it cost to empty two more? Plus, with all the trash that people leave by the picnic tables on the south end of the park (when there used to be a can right nearby) I can only imagine how much worse it will be now. And why is the remaining can so far from any useful area of the park? A penny wise and a pound foolish if you ask me.

  2. Any idea what level that decision was made at, or if there’s any point complaining?

  3. totally agree. Saving $ by picking up only one can, but not the second? Idiotic, though not shocking.

    Did you ask if they pulled cans from Madison Park beach, Madrona playfields, etc?

  4. I’d say nearly half the garbage cans from Volunteer Park have also been removed. I’m sure the policy is city wide, in which case it likely will save significant $.

  5. I didn’t specifically ask about the other parks but Jon indicated it was city wide. He did suggest voicing complaints (as it he sounded like he was just executing per what he was told) to their Parks Department Public Affairs Coordinator who can be reached at 206-684-7241. Thanks!

  6. Just hope that this is the extent of the cuts. Like libraries, we’ve got all kinds of money to build and improve parks, but not much to maintain them.

  7. …actually add more garbage cans, thus increasing the available space for refuse and decreasing the frequency of trips? the trips are what costs $, not the increase in time/manpower to haul out 1 bag vs 2 bags.

  8. It is twice if not mre expensive to have a park employee pick up the trash rather than empty a can. Summer is comming, the highest use of parks.

    First they take away the only district that really need a CPT officer and now they want to see trashed parks. This along with other city policy projects are aimed at Ghetto placemaking for our area!
    It’s been a while but all I have to say is a class action laww suit!