Patterson gets 23 years in shooting of Justin Ferrari

Andrew Patterson leaving the court room today (via Kiro 7’s Deborah Horne).

Andrew Patterson, convicted of fatally shooting Justin Ferrari in May 2012, was sentenced today to 23 years in prison.

Patterson’s errant gunshot killed Ferrari as he drove through the intersection of East Cherry Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Way.

Patterson pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in July. At his sentencing this morning, he apologized to Ferrari’s family, but later said “I get out when I’m 41. That’s f—-d up.”

Prosecutors asked for a 19 year sentence, while Patterson’s defense argued for 13 years. In the end, Patterson received a 280-month sentence.

31 thoughts on “Patterson gets 23 years in shooting of Justin Ferrari

  1. No, whats fucked up you little prick is that you killed a man and will NOT spend the rest of your life behind bars.

    • Bets he is out in 5 on parole and back in the CD.
      Life should have been the sentance with out any chance of parole. No empathy, nothing in this animals soul.

  2. Wow. A family changed forever and he thinks 41 is f-d up. He is lucky he lives here, where justice involves 3 square meals and someone else doing your laundry. In other parts of the world, justice would have been swift and severe. And he would have deserved it. I will admit, if it had been my husband, or brother, or friend, I might be waiting very patiently for him to turn 41, so I can deliver my own present to him.

  3. Bummer. I am certain that he will be an even more psycotic murderer at 41. We should extend our contract with Asplundt to deal with this in a more natural way that is good for society and the environment. It is natural and ogranic.

      • Yes. But hardly anybody understood that whole Heston thing then and certainly not now. “It’s People.” falls flat more than 99% of the time.

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  6. I love how this idiot thinks he should serve less time because he didn’t mean to kill Mr. Ferrari. However, he DID mean to kill someone. His sentence shouldn’t be soft because he has shit aim.

  7. Yes Justin, it’s fucked up you get out at forty one while a forty two year old man’s life is no more.

  8. I expect nothing more from this thug. This is a guy that pulled out a gun to shoot somebody that “insulted” him. He has no concept of life. He will meet his match in prison. Hopefully he won’t rot before.

  9. If he’s 21 now, he’ll be 44 when he gets out. Must have skipped school too much to know addition. That’s real gangstah.

  10. Now, let’s reflect back. I do recall local folks saying things like:

    “He is a sweet bot, they got the wrong kid.” etc, etc and over and over again. “Andrew never would do a thing like that, blah blah blah.”

    Everybody knew he was a ganster and a rat, but, they defended him to the fullest. How can his family or community have any credibility if they lie, cover up, and promote violence. The greater problem here is what this community thinks civilization is. This ain’t it.

  11. If the gun man had better opprotunities I don’t think he would be in this situation

    • @ NOT the neighborhood. In your comment lies the root of the problem in the CD. Nothing to do with opportunities (try spell check) or any other guilt trip come back. He was beyond the age of reason, murder is murder and he knew what he was doing. The problem is that the prisons are full and this predator will be paroled and “contained” back in the CD as we have seen time and time again. Did the Judge ban him from returning to the CD when he gets out? My bet is still open, he will be back in the containment zone CD in 5 years.

      • I’ll take the bet – one or two beers at the neighbor lady on October 15, 2018. I will have a yellow feather in my gray fedora.

    • He did have other opportunities.

      The problem is we (the winners) blather on about the lack of opportunity. Opportunity is based in faith that you can overcome adversity. We preach that “inner city youths” do not have opportunity. We preach it all day every day. If they are listenning to us – they are hearing that there is no where to go and little to be done.

      We are terminators of hope. That said, every individual must unsdertand that the depressing non-sense spewed by your oppressors is to be ignored. You are capable and responsible for your own destiny. Hard work still trumps adversity. Get out there and move forward. Shooting people will get you shot down.

    • If the murderer had made better choices, since he was an adult, he would not be in this situation. Creating excuses is the problem here, holding humans accountable is the only solution. He was told not to have a gun in court nine days earlier, he CHOSE to ignore that and CHOSE to recklessly murder an innocent, he deserved no more ‘opportunities’.

  12. He may get 1/3rd off from date of arrest for good behavior (no infractions). Again, it’s a crime that his own community continues to glorify gang banging to the extent that this child is sacrificed for the profits of much older, more profiting criminals.