Man shot in leg at 23rd and James

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Police fanned out around the area between 23rd and James and the AM/PM at 23rd and Cherry after a man was shot in the leg just after midnight Tuesday morning.

Details are still preliminary at this point as we confirm what happened with SPD and Seattle Fire.

According to police radio dispatches, the man was shot near 23rd and James and managed to run to the AM/PM at 23rd and Cherry to escape his attackers. The assailants were described as three black males wearing dark clothing and bandanas over their faces.

Officers searched the area around 23rd and James for suspects and shell casings for evidence. A K9 unit responded to the scene but there were no immediate arrests related to the search.

UPDATE: We have the official word from SPD and SFD on the incident:

Around 12:30 this morning we responded to 23/Cherry for a report of a shooting.  Located two people, one victim and a witness.  Victim had a gunshot wound to his upper thigh.  SFD responded and treated, the victim was transported to HMC for treatment.  Not considered life-threatening injury.

Both victim and witness told officers that they were approached by three suspects in what they thought was a robbery attempt.  During this encounter, the victim was shot, and the suspects all fled.  Described a three black males wearing dark clothing.  Officers searched but did not locate suspects.  Detectives will handle the follow up investigation.


15 thoughts on “Man shot in leg at 23rd and James

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  2. Not shockingly, there was a shootout in broad daylight at Powell Barnett this weekend while tons of people were picnicking. This is absurd.

  3. Wow, that’s crazy about the powell barnett shootout. Was it mentioned in any news coverage? It’s not on the SPD blotter.

  4. All I know is that my pregnant neighbor on 29th, came running home with her 3 year old, in a state of panic. Her husband said the cops came a few minutes later, no sirens, just drove around. By that point, he assumes everyone had scattered or left all together. There was a large picnic there, tents and all, from what I saw driving by.

  5. Soooo. no TV news coverage, no outrage, nothing to see here, business as usual, move along…..
    If this happened in Volunteer Park or Ravenna Park helicopters would fill the sky, the Chief would be on live and the perps caught, but no not here in the CD containment zone, not even a peep in the Seattle Times. So where is the public outrage? Same with Parnells, and our own CD news did not even publish the reports as a main news story!
    Yep, business as usual!

  6. Very true Eyes. It is fascinating how folks here just accept violence and decay as normal. They say things like – it happens everywhere. True, occasionally a man does get shot in Bellevue or Issiquah or Auburn. But not so consistently and frequently. Especially if you narrow it down to the few hoods in Seattle where 80% of the violence is concentrated.

    The crime maps on SPD’s web site clearly show the criminal demographic differences between the types of crimes occuring. Now, what is more difficult to address is the differences in reporting and action. The statistics show police reports. Here in the CD we report actual hits by gun fire. A general fist fight, robbery or rape is much lower on our severity rating. We deal in actual blood, short of that nothing happened.

    In West Seattle, they still have some violence, but, not as frequent. And you see more reports of car prowls and auto thefts. Perhaps they have better cars or leave more stuff in their cars. Or, perhaps we in the CD know to keep nothing in our cars.

    In any case, we are fools for not marching on city hall with flaming pitch forks. The anger and division in this community would decrease radically if shoot outs were infrequent. I think we underestimate the added stress that our people feel.

    Think about it folks – do you really feel safe, or, is there some underlying insecurity that puts you on edge?

  7. Gunshots make the nightly news when somebody gets killed. The shooting at 23rd and James aside, this has been a very quiet summer for gun violence in our neighborhood. Crackpot arson is another story.

    • The only positive side of this is that none of these gang bangers have any training in using their weapons, and could not hit the broad side of a barn most of the time. So there are few actual injuries for the number of rounds fired. But we also have these terrible random deaths and injuries resulting from these idiots who can’t shoot straight, who think that a gun makes them entitled, powerful, worthwhile human beings. How sadly wrong they are. .

  8. Anyone know why there were patrol cars parked at the end of every street (they may or may not have been blocked) along Union and Jefferson between 23rd and 18th last Friday August 23rd from around 10:00 pm – (?) There was a helicopter circling the area as well.

    (x posted)

  9. According to a buddy of mine they were looking for a police dog that got lost during a track from 29th. They found her.

  10. Hi folks. Pinebeetle here.

    STimes reports that McSchwinnvill is spitting and that some of the folks will be locating to 20th and Jackson on Tuesday. This will be an interesting event. My best guess is that it must be part of the Pratt site, perhaps that elevated concrete area.

    It is very close to cheap bread products at the Bakery. Probably can get a good supply of cheap or even free food there. Good access for the folks, especially kids at Pratt Park. I think, for them, this would be much better than the swamp on West Marginal.

    The West Marginal swamp site had questionable reports of crime attributed to the McSchwinnville residents. We can now find out first hand if the camp impacts CD crime rates in any significant way – doubtfull.

    So, what do we think? New residents/New friends? New criminals and another black eye for the CD? I just don’t know.

    Can we support them and get support back? Will they be a force for change – driving crime away from Pratt? Are they gentrifiers? Let’s get this conversation rolling. Megan, can you drive the bus on this. Get somebody engaged in putting a face on this thing?