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Help Keep the Post Office in the Central District!

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The Post Office closure on 23rd and Union does not have to move out of the Central District! The two locations proposed by Councilmember Richard Ellis were rejected by the Post Office, and a new site has been proposed on 23rd and Jackson at the Promenade.  A 30-day comment period commenced August 15, 2013.  To show your support for keeping the Post Office and all of its services in the Central District, send your comments to the following:

Comments/Seattle East Union Station
Attn: Angela S. Kuhl
7500 East 53rd Place, Room 1108
Denver, CO 80266-9918

We all need this service in our area and want to keep it out of Capitol Hill (which already has a Post Office), so show your support and take action.  A big thank you to Stan Lock from the Department of Neighborhoods and Adrienne Bailey for passing along this information.


14 thoughts on “Help Keep the Post Office in the Central District!

  1. While I strongly support keeping the post office in the CD, I’m concerned about the choice of the Promenade. With its immanent redevelopment by Weingarten, we’re just going to be having this conversation again in a couple years. A longer term strategy would make more sense.

  2. There is a post office at 6th and Jackson and many others in easy bus range. We dont need one taking up commercial space in the CD. A nice pub or MMJ outlet would be better for our economy

    • 6th (Maynard?) and Jackson is moving soon – I think they will have a storefront somewhere in Pioneer Square, and other operations are moving (or already have) to the 4th Ave. S. location. Hing Hay Park is being expanded into the space where the PO is currently.

    • The current PO location is busy most of the day. Pretending the CD doesn’t need a Post Office location is just demonstrating ignorance. The neighborhood is probably more in need of a retail location than many.

      • Starbucks is busy too, but, I don’t actually need coffee. I’m used to it. I’m addicted to it. But, if it went away I would save alot of money and have a lower stress level.

        The Post Office prevents many private services from being offerred at all and regulates other services to be certain the price point is high. We can do without daily mail delivery and retail post offices every 20 blocks.

        In times of budget concerns – do we cut human services or the post office or bombs for Syria. I think one or two of those make sense to cut.

  3. Still. The postal system needs to shrink be 80%. We can do iur part by inviting them to leave. They use too much fuel. They are not good stewards In the ccommunity. They suck and they are on the decline. We want something usefull. Not an oxyge wasting bueurocracy. Kick em out.

  4. 23rd and Jackson sounds like a great spot for the Post Office. Lots of parking and good transit options. Jonathan has a point on the Weingarten development plans at the Promenade, but then again- in a few years time there may be new digs available back at 23rd and Union.

    Has anybody got insight into why the 23rd/Madison and Madrona locations got dinged?

    • Yes, I asked a clerk at the 23rd & Union location that question.

      The location at Safeway, they couldn’t come to any agreement with the building ownership about postal customers using the parking garage. And the location in Madrona– it just had no parking. That was an incredibly dumb option to begin with.

      • Thanks Jim- sounds like parking is the critical issue. I’ve never found it easy to get in and out of that Safeway garage- even when there were lots of spaces free. 23rd and Jackson has lots of parking, but the Northern lot is usually pretty full when I’ve been there.

  5. The Promenade is great for me, but what about the 98112 folks? It is a long way for them to come, and parking sucks at the Broadway site.

    Some of us use the P.O. every day, so being able to get there by bus (especially with large packages) is not a big positive. This will just drive more business to the private services.

    I am still waiting to see if my PO Box in 98122 will end up somewhere where I can park for 3 minutes.

  6. Capital Hill (Broadway) has very limited to no parking for regular customers or disable persons. The Madrona site has no parking. The 23rd & Madison (Safeway) is very busy, not convenient.

    Our current location was very busy with adequate parking (3 minutes) for communities 98112 & 98122 , also on bus line, also available parking for disable persons. The 23rd & Jackson @ Promenade is the most logical site there is parking available and also on a bus line, could be a one stop shopping.