Blotter | Suspicious 21/E Pine car fire, ‘minor’ stabbing at 12th/Jax

It has been a busy start to the 4th of July holiday for police and fire crews.

  • Minor knife wound at 12th/Jax: A man suffered “a very minor wound” in a reported stabbing near 12th and Jackson around 1:15 AM Thursday. According to emergency response radio dispatches, the incident was reported by Metro. Seattle Fire arrived to treat the man’s wound. We do not have further details at this time.
  • Suspicious E Pine car fire: A suspicious car fire at 21st and E Pine drew a fire response, police and an investigation Wednesday night. According to police radio, the department’s bomb squad was notified of the incident but did not respond. We’ll update with more information when we get it. UPDATE: An eyewitness reports: “early 2000’s Subaru legacy wagon. Total loss. Fire started in passenger cabin. Owner was a non neighborhood resident (I think).” UPDATEx2: Seattle Fire tells us fire investigators determined that somebody set fire to the locked Subaru Legacy causing $7200 in damage.
  • Suspicious Delmar Dr. E fires: Police took a man into custody Thursday morning after a series of small fires were found set to bushes and shrubbery near homes along the Delmar Dr. E area of Montlake north of Capitol Hill. We do not yet have confirmation of an arrest but according to police radio traffic, one man was taken into custody around 7 AM after police and a Seattle Fire crew were called out to the 2300 block of Delmar and found the small fires and, eventually, the suspect in the area. The flames did not spread and apparently no structures were damaged. We’ll check with SPD and Seattle Fire to learn more.

2 thoughts on “Blotter | Suspicious 21/E Pine car fire, ‘minor’ stabbing at 12th/Jax

  1. It turns out the owner of the torched car was at the screening of Mad Max: Beyond Thuderdome. What a weird Mad Max IRL thing to happen. What an awful thing to have to deal with on a night out, so sorry this happened.

  2. There is a small subset of our population that does these horrible things