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Jogging Stroller Stolen – Corner of Spruce & 29th

We just had a blue BOB jogging stroller stolen from our deck and wanted to let anyone who leaves their stroller on their deck to lock it up or maybe just take a wheel off.  We’ve had it there for over 2 years and nothing ever happened but I guess this is a lesson learned.

As a sidenote, please let us know if you suddenly see someone with a fairly well used blue jogging stroller nearby or you see one abandoned.  It was taken last night (July 3rd).

2 thoughts on “Jogging Stroller Stolen – Corner of Spruce & 29th

  1. Hi. We live nearby and have a jogging stroller that we picked up at a garage sale a few years back that we’ve never used. If your stolen one doesn’t show up, let me know and you can have ours.

    • That would be REALLY nice of you! Can you call me at 206-388-3919 to coordinate a pick up?

      Joe & Heather