Robbery at 19th and Yesler

Hold on to your necklace: An 89 year old woman lost her gold necklace in a street robbery last Thursday night. According to the report, the woman was standing on the corner of 19 Ave and E Yesler Way when two suspects tore the necklace away from the victim and knocked her to the ground. According to the report, the suspects were young black males, both between 5’5” and 5’6”, one wearing a grey hoodie and the other wearing a red top and beige pants.

7 thoughts on “Robbery at 19th and Yesler

    • This is ridiculous. Obviously it is not the two boys she said it is. Both of them had skittles, so, obviously they could not have knocked her to the ground and stolen her property.

  1. I wonder if they could be the same 2 boys who robbed my friend of her purse at 9 am at 18th and fir just 2 weeks before! They looked like unassuming teenagers until she walked by them! At 9 AM on a Saturday morning !!!

  2. What kind of a coward robs and knocks down an 89 year old woman? This really angers me.