Police bust group on 34th Ave for drugs, robbery

Seattle Police arrested four including at least one known gang member and seized three vehicles tracked down on 34th Ave after a man was found lying naked and semi-conscious in the street behind Garage Billiards on Capitol Hill early Thursday morning.

According to the SPD report on the incident, police were called to the Garage after receiving a report of two men in an altercation on Broadway CT near the IHOP.

When they arrived just before 1 AM, police found the victim lying down and dazed in the street with dilated eyes. And he was also completely naked. The victim was taken to Harborview for further treatment.

Police found a black Camaro spotted at the scene later that night in the 900 block of 34th Ave. Police approached the group and their parked vehicles and identified a man matching the description of the Broadway Ct. suspect.

Inside the vehicles, police found “several small white colored rocks wrapped together in a clear plastic baggy” believed to be drugs, the victim’s wallet and a pile of clothes believed to belong to the victim. Police arrested one man for the drugs, one woman on a warrant, one woman who had the victim’s wallet and the man suspected of assaulting the victim and stealing his clothing.

Neighbors in the area reported that police also searched area yards during the arrest incident on 34th Ave.

6 thoughts on “Police bust group on 34th Ave for drugs, robbery

  1. I’m pretty sure everyone knows the house on 34th. East side of the street, between Columbia and Marion. I see unruly characters there all the time and on a few occasions, have driven by a fist fight that has bled into the street.

  2. “Unruly”? Why should anyone follow your rules if the lead to a jagged edge. Accept that many will judge themselves by their own rules. And judge you as you would judge them. Who is the problem here? A few ragged souls or a bunch of self righteous sheeple. Good luck with the neighbors.

    • And what would you propose “my rules” would be? The same one’s that might possibly keep my 2 year old safe? I would be fine with these “ragged souls” if they didn’t affect the safety of family. You need to wake up.

  3. Looks like they were unruly enough to be arrested. Heimlich, I charge thee guilty of false equivalency.