Help name the upcoming 19th and Madison Park

Concept image from the 19th and Madison park's blog

Concept image from the 19th and Madison park’s blog

The details of the upcoming 19th and Madison Park are still being determined, but one thing is clear: “New Park at 19th and Madison” is a terrible name for a park.

So the Parks Department is now looking for community ideas for a name. You can submit your idea and explain why in an online survey. Deadline to submit is June 22.

From the park organizers:

It’s time to name the park! (New park at 19th and Madison is getting to be kind of a mouthful after all). So come on- give the Parks Department your best suggestions!

Please submit suggestions for a park name by June 22.

Criteria the committee consider in naming parks include: geographical location, historical or cultural significance, and natural or geological features. A park may be named for a person no longer living (deceased a minimum of three years) who made a significant contribution to parks and/or recreation.

We will collect all names and then put selected names up to a vote to garner community support. We do not have the final say on the name of the park.