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Juneteenth Celebration at Yesler Community Center

YCCJoin us this Friday June 14th from 5-7:30 at the Yesler Community Center (917 East Yesler Way, Seattle, WA, 98122). This is a FREE event and open to the public.

  • African, Asian & American Food
  • Performers, key note speaker, & entertainment
  • Raffle (All proceeds support Yesler Youth Programs)
  • Information from Local community partners (Including: Nature Consortium, Yesler Community Center, Washington Environmental Bio monitoring, Neighborhood House, Year Up, Seattle University Summer Youth Programming, Yesler Terrace Seattle Youth Employment Program, Ground Up, Safe Kids, SHA 10th Ave Hill climb, & King County Library)

5 thoughts on “Juneteenth Celebration at Yesler Community Center

  1. Is that it??? No story, no background, no other orgs’ festivities? I, I mean–that’s it? Does your gay yuppie (nothin’ wrong with that …) readership even know what Juneteenth is? Did you know there’s a mayoral candidate’s forum at Horace Mann School–not named for the holiday, but NOT just coincidentally–also ON Juneteenth? FYI, because Juneteenth is a celebration imported without permission (like Mardi Gras) from the Gulf Coast to a city with little context or care for it, its understandable Yesler Community Center doesn’t know you don’t serve Asian food on Juneteenth. Their bad. You don’t even serve African food (though that’s a refreshing idea), and you don’t celebrate it inside a freakin’ building. Hit a natural space with your peeps, with a side of beef in a pit and red pop in your hand, not forgetting to libate your ancetors. Respect that, bitches. Its just like naming King County after MLK, it doesn’t really mean anything … I mean, why are there red swiggles under the name Juneteenth, for example, and not some other group’s made-up holidays? Lots to question in a gentrified culture, not just the land, of Seattle. That soon will change. Screw Little Amsterdam, there were no dikes in the CD ever … “The Dream Lives”.

    • Respect that Bitches! I like it Mary. Wish it would fit on my Beemer SUV license plate.

  2. I understand your frustration Mary, but if you’d like to change Seattle’s perception of Juneteeth or improve the way the city celebrates it, then do something about it. Grab some friends and neighbors that feel passionate about the event and make a change for 2014.

    There are dozens of non-profit organizations involved in the planning of the Yesler Community Center AND the candidates’ forum. Reach out to them and to the City of Seattle to make next years’ celebration for authentic (and outdoors). Write to your City Council members and next year’s Mayor.

    I live in the Central District and I’d attend a parade or outdoor celebration, and I’d invite my neighbors. Heck, talk to the folks that planned Hopscotch. They did a fantastic job with planning and organizing.