Police say son is suspect after woman stabbed in E Madison apartment building


Police searched an apartment building in the 1800 block of E Madison early Tuesday following a report that a victim had been stabbed or cut on the face just after 4:30 AM. UPDATE: Police have confirmed they are investigating the assault and said they will have details later Tuesday. UPDATE x2: Police say the suspect is the woman’s son. Details on the incident and suspect Kevin D. Ross, below.

Here is the preliminary report from SPD:

Man Stabs Mother in Central District Early this Morning
Screen-Shot-2013-04-23-at-9.51.59-AMPolice are looking for a 34-year-old man who stabbed his mother at her Central District apartment early this morning.

At 4:30 this morning, the man showed up at his mother’s apartment, near 18th and East Madison Street, and buzzed himself into the building.

When the victim opened the door, the suspect reportedly stepped forward and said “This is what you get!” and began stabbing his mother in the face with a knife.  The victim screamed as she was attempting to fend off her son.  The victim sustained three deep stab wounds to her face, a cut to her finger and a cut to her chest.

Bleeding badly from her wounds, the victim—who is in her 60′s—staggered backward and fell to the kitchen floor.  The victim’s boyfriend was in another part of the apartment and heard the commotion.  He ran into the kitchen where he saw the suspect standing over the victim.  As the boyfriend came into the kitchen, the suspect turned and left the apartment.  The boyfriend followed him out and saw him walk down a stairwell before he lost sight of him.  The boyfriend then returned to the kitchen to assist the victim.

Seattle Police and Fire were called and responded to the scene.  Medics treated the victim at the scene and then transported to Harborview Medical Center.  Officers set up containment, conducted an extensive search for the suspect and brought in a K-9 team, but unfortunately did not locate the suspect.

According to other family members, the suspect is homeless, suffers from mental illness, and is abusing various substances, specifically crack cocaine.

The suspect is Kevin D. Ross.  He is described as a black male, 34 years old, 6′ 2″ tall, 240 pounds.  He was wearing all dark clothing and may be unshaven.  He might have been wearing a skull cap.  He has very distinctive tattoos:  “Mr. Ross” on his neck, an eyeball on his Adam’s Apple, and a Grim Reaper on his forearm.  He is homeless, but is known to frequent several of the parks in the Central District.

He was last seen with a knife in his hand, so he is considered very dangerous.  If anyone sees the suspect, they are urged to call 911 immediately.

Seattle Fire tells CHS that medics responded to treat a 45-year-old woman who had been stabbed in the face. “She was conscious, alert and able to speak to us,” a SFD spokesperson said. The woman was rushed to Harborview in stable condition.

Police were searching the top floors of the Views at Madison building at 1823 E Madison. The seven-story building below the E Madison radio and TV towers is also home to the Hearing, Speech and Deafness Center.

9 thoughts on “Police say son is suspect after woman stabbed in E Madison apartment building

  1. If he is 34 years old and she is 45, the mother son relationship seems odd. I am just wondering if there is an error since the “Times” is reporting that the victim was in her 60’s: “The victim, in her 60s, suffered three deep stab wounds…”

  2. We called 911 last night because my son and his friends found someone matching this description sleeping in the woods by Peppi’s Park. When they went to play in the woods today after school, the man was still there in the same spot. We again called the police. This time they showed up and are saying that it was Kevin Ross.

    I fell really frustrated that the police didn’t respond to the call last night.

  3. Cops, much as I occasionally respect their role are much like other people. You have to play them hard if you want them to do anything useful. You need to make the story compelling. Like “there’s an agitated man in the woods threatening children with a knife.” That statement attracts pigs. The statement you no doubt used equated to – “I am a worried mom and the forest scares me, one time I heard there was a man in there.” You see how you might sound? Try becoming a good liar. Liars get results. Just look at our Presidents and to a lesser extent other politicians and most successful people. Lying is what we want to hear.

    • It would be nice for the community to know that this suspect has been apprehended since it was all over the news and on this blog. I do not live far from 18th and E. Madison and believe that I have encountered this individual in the past with no incident. He appeared alone, very poor and pushed a cart that perhaps contained his only belongings and did not make eye contact. (I could never find the incident on the 911 site or the second call that you made.) I hope you do attend the EastPac meeting tomorrow. A caller who indicates that they may or do know the whereabouts of someone who has been described as dangerous and armed should get the immediate attention of the police. It would be good to know how this went wrong.

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