Central Pizza moving into old All-Purpose Pizza space at 29th and Jackson

Liquor license notice posted on the door.

Liquor license notice posted on the door.

For those neighbors still mourning the demise of All-Purpose Pizza at 29th and Jackson, your despair may not last much longer.

Several readers have alerted CDNews recently of activity at the space, including a liquor notice for Central Pizza. Seattle Met tracked down the folks behind the business: Eric Ellsworth, Ellie Rose, Steve Scalfati and chef Mike Eagan.

With ties to Belltown Pizza, the crew is planning a pizza-centered bar and restaurant with sandwiches, specials and pizza-by-the-slice.

Oh, did I mention drinks? They’re replacing the All-Purpose Pizza kids’ area with a bar with drinks “at a decent price point,” Rose told Seattle Met.

So why that space? From SM:

According to Rose, the partners have spent a few years looking for an ideal location and didn’t want to pay the high rents that come with heavily trafficked locations like the Pike/Pine corridor. They also didn’t want to charge the sort of prices required to pay those rents. She also noticed that this pocket of the Central District (okay, technically by our internal map a few blocks into the Leschi neighborhood) lacks “a place for the neighborhood where people can actually meet each other.” The nearby Starbucks at 23rd and Jackson is always packed, she says, and here “you can have a cocktail instead of a mocha.”

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3 thoughts on “Central Pizza moving into old All-Purpose Pizza space at 29th and Jackson

  1. This is great! Any chance there will be gluten free pizza? That was my favorite part of All Purpose… =)

  2. Hope it’s good. APP had great pizza, but was too pricey to frequent too often, and the limited hours didn’t encourage us to go too often. Looking forward to a new walking-distance food/drink locale!