Handcuffed prisoner who disappeared into Yesler Terrace still on the lam

A week ago, a prisoner escorted by two deputies at King County Jail facilities near Harborview escaped into thin air. The suspect — last seen heading toward the Yesler Terrace neighborhood — was still wearing handcuffs as he made his run for freedom while police units and King County’s Guardian One helicopter circled the area.

We haven’t seen another mention of the case by Seattle’s big media since last Monday even as the suspect remains at large.

Authorities are still searching for Alan Polevia. The 31-year-old is approximately 5’7″ and 160 pounds and was described as Samoan by police during Monday’s manhunt. We’ve asked King County Sheriff, the agency charged with rounding Polevia up, for a photograph but have not yet heard back.

Polevia was in custody for two theft warrants stemming from his December arrest for investigation of burglary. He also was convicted of third degree assault in 2006.

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