Fire that burned townhouses at 24th and Norman was arson, ‘Some Anarchists’ claim credit

Photos by Sebastian Garrett-Singh

Photos by Sebastian Garrett-Singh

The fire that caused extensive damage to an under-construction townhouse project at 24th and Norman last week was intentionally set, fire department investigators say.

Now a post signed only by “Some Anarchists” on the Puget Sound Anarchists website claims responsibility for the arson.

The townhouse project developer Benjamin Custom Homes describes the homes as “efficient green homes with approximately 2500sf of modern living, attached parking and private roof-top deck with views of the Seattle skyline.”

The case is under investigation by SPD’s arson team. We have attempted to contact SPD to ask them about the PSA post and will update when we hear back. (UPDATE: Seattle Police said investigators are aware of the post, but have no additional information on the investigation at this time.)

Details from SFD:

Seattle Fire Investigators determined a fire at an under construction house in Judkins Park was intentionally set.

The initial 911 call came in at 12:28 a.m. reporting flames coming from a single family home located at the corner of South Norman Street and 24th Avenue South. While responding to the scene, fire officers could see the flames shooting into the night sky from several blocks away.

Engine 6 arrived first to find a full involved 3-story home that was under construction. Flames from the home were exposing to a second under construction house. Using multiple hose lines, firefighters were able to control the flames in 7 minutes. Embers from the fire landed on a nearby houses roof causing a temporary evacuation of the residents. The residents were eventually allowed back in.

The fire also damaged a piece of construction equipment, a port-a-potty and burned through a power line to a home. There were no reported injuries.

Firefighters conducted an overnight fire watch to make sure the embers don’t reignite in the home.
Fire investigators estimate the damage at $30,000 to the structure and contents. The case has been turned over to the Seattle Police Department’s Arson Bomb Squad who will be investigating.

24 thoughts on “Fire that burned townhouses at 24th and Norman was arson, ‘Some Anarchists’ claim credit

  1. Well, if this is true, those anarchists really showed ’em, didn’t they? Because of course, a burned-out pile of charcoal is a WAY better use for that land.

  2. anarchists bored since they got released from grand jury, looking for more arrests to give them something to do.

  3. i’m not all about community gardens, but that’s what was on that plot before it was purchased for development… “green” townhouses replacing green spaces…? that doesn’t even fit into the progressives logic. …and they do say ashes help to enrich the soil! :)

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    • so you’re saying this “green” home was being constructed out of toxic materials?

      • I don’t have a PhD in “what materials are toxic” but the fire burned:

        * nearby roofing material
        * “a piece of construction equipment”
        * a port-a-potty
        * power cable

        I’d be willing to bet that at least one of those is toxic.

  5. That right the spoiled little kids with a trust fund wanna play 60’s by trying to keep the CD down just like the racists did for a long time in City Government.

    • yeah because all those green condo owning people in the central district arent white at all

    • Anarchists are more normal than they want to believe. The desire to feel like they can have some effect on their circumstance rather than feeling the sometimes overwhelming race of the masses running amok like lemmings over a cliff.

      Much as greens want to stop humanity from pumping all available fuel into the air as CO2 and other gasses generated from combustion and diegestion we all thing we can impact human and world destiny in some way. And we point to the great examples good and bad of people who made a difference: Ghandi, Hitler, Jimmy Carter, Osama Bin Laden, Jerry Seinfeld, and Karl Marx. The thing is, the world keeps spinning. Where you stop somebody else takes over. Live, even human life, runs its course and you have very little control over the entirety of it.

      The frustration of anarchists has to do with how little they are capable of accomplishing. Lashing out in violent frustration is a sign of powerlessness. I do hope they find some confidence and ability someday. Hate to see people suffer so much.

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