Casa Latina makes hiring a day worker easer with online scheduling

61447_559641360716951_476705391_nAmong its educational and employment programs, 17th and Jackson’s Casa Latina helps immigrants find day labor employment that pays and treats workers fairly.

People who need to hire someone to lend them a hand can go through Casa Latina to find dependable workers. Workers can find jobs and utilize the organization’s programs and (new and improved) facilities to look for work and education opportunities.

Now, the day labor hiring process is even easier with Casa Latina’s new online form. Details:

Casa Latina is proud to announce that you can now hire a worker anytime of day with just a few clicks. Now planning that next project is quick and painless! Simply decide the day and time you will need a worker and let Casa Latina know without ever leaving your computer. Scheduling is easy and instant as well as reliable.  You’ll receive a confirmation call from Casa Latina the next business day. We hope you will give Online Scheduling a try and see how easy taking on your spring projects can be! Casa Latina asks that you hire a worker online at least 48 hours prior and that you provide a description of every category of labor requested.

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