What do CDNews, CHS and Phoenix Jones have in common?

Screenshot from Seattle Mag website

More than I thought, apparently.

For one, all three were named as Neighborhood Heroes, according to Seattle Magazine readers—along with many other non-costumed writers, business owners and community organizers. And to think, I don’t even own a can of pepper spray (though CHS’s Justin Carter (sic) has challenged me to mutual combat more times that I can count).

Thanks to everyone who voted for CDNews! I was not even aware there was a vote going, so it’s quite a surprise.

Also, if you pick up the issue, you’ll see lots of other CD folks featured, including the Best New Kids’ Shop Magpie (see our feature on Magpie here). Magpie is run by my landlord, so our little address in the CD represented pretty well in Seattle Mag this year.

However, you win some, and you lose some. Venerable anarchist newspaper Tides of Flame—whose uplifting imagery of the world exploding into flames inspired a generation—has printed its last issue (#25). Though there’s no mention of what CDNews did to curry the favor of the all-knowing editorial staff—an interesting story elsewhere in the issue actually mentions that we stopped by the “Jelly Squat” for regular updates—we were honored with a mention in their prestigious Fuck You goodbye list, nonetheless.

Farewell, Tides of Flame. You’re welcome for the free photographs.

Tides Says Goodbye

6 thoughts on “What do CDNews, CHS and Phoenix Jones have in common?

  1. Turds of flame, please check in at the DESC on Lane Street. They can direct you to proper mental health professionals. Please get help. We don’t need you mass murder types running around thinking nobody will help. Lot’s of people understand that your insanity requires treatment.

    • I’m assuming you are speaking from experience when providing the “turds” a referral to the crisis center. If it worked for you, I guess it could work for them too! That is very kind of you.

  2. Agreed. Have you seen how many police responses they are having at the DESC on Lane. Pretty much daily, sometimes multiple daily.

  3. Yay! Dumb anarchist zine gets shut down! I found the article about the jelly fish squat to be iconic of these morons. Rather than focus the article on their views and anarchism the writer immaturely writes about how much fun it was to be an anarchist. Just wait until you have a job kiddo and its you that has to suffer through immature kids partying it up in your neighbors house. Of course when this happens and you hate the next gen of squatters you’ll say they’ve lost touch of the true vision. Whatever, you’ll be a yuppie soon enough.

  4. Wow, you kissed the butts of the supposed “anarchists” (i.e., lazy bums who milk the ebt system yet refuse to try to get a job, and vandalize the home of neighbors) and they still didn’t like you? Shocking!