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Somebody Stole your Christmas gifts?

I saw 2 women walking around the Starbucks on 23rd and Jackson with a bunch of bags this morning (6am on 12.17.2012)and they had an iPad, brand new, one of the girls is always at the Starbucks on 23rd and Jackson asking some of the patrons to buy her a drink, so I really don’t think that she could afford such an expensive item.

I had to take the bus to work so I didn’t see what else was in those bags, she claimed that all the stuff were hers but when somebody asked her to see the iPad, she didn’t have any idea what that thing was.

If you are the one that got your items stolen, reply to this post and I can give you all the details.

8 thoughts on “Somebody Stole your Christmas gifts?

  1. Thanks for your post. I’m responding because earlier this evening I witnessed two suspicious women carrying large bags full of what appeared to be shipping packages.
    Two packages were taken from my porch within the last week. Everyone needs to be on the look-out (for yourselves and each other) and coordinate with your mail delivery carriers, especially with the USPS and give them special instructions on what to do with your packages and not leave them on your doorstep. USPS packages can be held at your local post office and will notify you of your package arrival and pick-up location with a note they leave on your door or with your mail.

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      the quote two suspicious women unquote are on the receiving end of bigotry and stereotyping on your part
      your provocation fangs are ugly

      • 6am? 2 women with packages they don’t know the contents of? One of them a frequent beggar at that Starbucks? What’s stereotyping about that? Sounds like straight up facts to me.

      • Uhh. Wow. How did we arrive at Bigotry. What is strange here is that nobody reported the suspicious activity to the police. A simple 911 call and the police could have checked out the packages. Are we all so busy to get on the bus and on with our personal life that we can’t report probable crimes in progress to the police.

        It is not bigoted or mean spirited to ask the police to check out suspicious circumcisions. If it was all legit the women could have gone home to a well deserved holi day or what ever it is you do.

        Common concerns are no reason for being labled a bigot. Sure the women would have experienced some embarrasment. But, we do have to probe into events to get some control over the lawlessness in the CD.

  2. Just a quick follow up @grumbo’s message. The police were notified. I have not received a follow up regarding it.