Is your block hosting a Night Out block party?

National Night Out is a great chance to spend some time getting to know the people who live on your street and to take advantage of sanctioning your road-closing party.

If your block is throwing a part, be sure to also add it to the city’s map and to let us know the details in the comments below (we will update this map periodically, so if you add your event to city’s map, it will show up here eventually):

If your block hasn’t registered yet, it appears SPD’s Night Out website is still accepting new registrations.

Also, the city says Councilmember Sally Clark will be around to some of the Madrona-area block parties, and folks from SPD and the Fire Department typically show up to some as well. Lucky blocks might even get a fire engine visit, and they even let kids climb on it (which, as a former little kid, is basically the coolest thing ever).

UPDATE: SPD says you have until noon Tuesday to register your block party.

UPDATE 8/7: Registration is now closed. The map above is almost certainly not a complete list of block parties in the neighborhood. So you’re gonna have to go outside and see for yourself is there’s a block party there (or let us know the details below)! See you on the streets!

11 thoughts on “Is your block hosting a Night Out block party?

  1. and more :) has a dessert potluck tomorrow night, near the corner of 25th & Spring

  2. I’ve registered 20th Ave last year and this and it has yet to make the map. Editor Tom, we’re expecting you and your end of the street.

  3. appears to be a little less seamless than it should. I have assuming that we are on the map due to several registrations. Hi Jean, we expect Tom to at least visit 21st Ave. too.

  4. Annual neighborhood potluck held on 31st Ave between Jefferson and Terrace (street will be closed thru that block).

    Join us 6:30-9:30pm to meet neighbors and share food!

    We tried to drop flyers off on 31st and 32nd, but certain we didn’t reach every house in the area, so please spread the word, and drag your neighbors out with you!

    Bring a food dish to add to the potluck (main dish, side, salad, dessert – anything goes!); bring your own drinks and chairs; kids often ride bikes/scooters on the street, so feel free to bring toys!

    Come join in the fun if you live in the surrounding area – the more the merrier!

    Join us for a few minutes or hours, a drink or a meal – just a great chance to gather!

  5. The blocked off area will be beteween E. Union and E. Marion. We invite visitors and intend that those to the north and south and along 22nd would particpate.

  6. Come on down and see us on 22nd ave! We are a friendly bunch.

    Kid friendly activites and lots of food and drink.