CDN Pics: Neighbors (and a dinosaur) fill the CD streets for Night Out

Neighbors all around the CD took the opportunity to close their residential streets to cars and open them to picnic tables, music, kids on bikes and even a dinosaur-shaped bouncy castle.

Most importantly, National Night Out is a chance for longtime neighbors to spend some time together and for new neighbors to put a face to the homes a few doors down.

I took a stroll to a handful of the many block parties:

Fisher from Popcycles and Alleycat Acres was out touring CD block parties as well, hauling free homemade popsicles in his bike trailer. Here he is with Jean Tinnea.

Night Out is organized by the police department, and SPD officers were out and about visiting various block parties.

22nd Ave pretty much won Night Out with their dinosaur bouncy castle (it’s a competition, right?). When other blocks were calling it quits, it was still kid mayhem on 22nd.

Mrs. Wyatt’s pound cake was a huge hit.

Do you have any photos or tales from Night Out? Add them to the comments below or email [email protected].

4 thoughts on “CDN Pics: Neighbors (and a dinosaur) fill the CD streets for Night Out

  1. According to Census data CD zips avarage out to 67% white. There are not actually very many black people, never was. The violent gang culture just gives the impression that this is South Detroit. We are in fact very white. Take another look.

  2. Timothy i never knew you were a troll! Yep the demographics have changed have in the past and will sometime in the future. Go troll the “wallywood” Wallingford blog with this racist baiting crap and not here!

  3. Dude! “Racist baiting”!? What are you talking about? So you can’t talk about race without being racist? Give me a break man.