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July 26th EastPAC Meeting at Garfield Community Center

Several citizens requested that we hold our next EastPAC Community Meeting in a larger venue, as our numbers of attendees have been increasing. We heard you, and have scheduled the Garfield Community Center’s Community Room for our July 26th meeting. So let’s fill the room!

EastPAC Community Meeting

Thursday July 26, 6:30 to 8:00 PM

Garfield Community Center Community Room

2323 East Cherry Street, Seattle, WA 98122

The July meeting will focus on our community. We have several issues to discuss, and we need to begin making progress toward healing while eliminating gun violence, shots fired, drug dealing and other criminal activity plaguing our neighborhoods. We will not host a special guest this time, providing plenty of time for you to ask questions and express your concerns to your own Seattle Police East Precinct Command Staff and City Attorney Liaison. Invite your friends and neighbors! Please note that Seattle University, in order to admit more members at our August meeting, will re-configure our usual room in Chardin Hall. A big shout out to Seattle University for their generosity! See you all on July 26th, and meanwhile, enjoy the sunny days of summer!

6 thoughts on “July 26th EastPAC Meeting at Garfield Community Center

  1. Think there will be any ‘results’ at this meeting?
    AH HELL NO..
    Just another ‘vent-fest’ in the CD. – see ya there.

  2. This city was known for it’s cowardice before “crime around your doors”. It does what it does best – nothing. End of story.

  3. I say they have to either do police work or get out and let us take care of the problem ourselves.

  4. So- Here’s the thing. As far as holding a “vent-fest with no results”- Any of you out there want to come out of your anonymity and help out? We need your involvement; I need neighbors with the commitment, courage and passion to stay the course on what’s needed for our community. Hey, I volunteer for this, I don’t do it for fun. I do it because I feel the community isn’t heard or responded to in the way they should be. I do it because electeds need to be held accountable. Our civil officials need to do what they are paid to do. Are there things we can’t do? Of course. Are there things we CAN do? Hell, yes! So where is everyone? We (I) keep trying anyway, but we can present a stronger front if more citizens with fortitude step up.
    So my challenge is for you to get involved. Help make change we need. Stop hiding, show your face and let me know you have the guts to be part of the solution. That’s my two cents. Thank You.
    EastPAC Chair

  5. But what exactly does “let us take care of the problem ourselves” mean?