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anyone at Pratt July 24th around 12:30 pm

Witnessed a child being molested at Pratt Park today! SPD was contacted. Maybe someone was there at the same time and witnessed it too. Please contact me if you were at Pratt during this time. Sorry for the vague info.

Editor’s Update 7/28: I spoke with SPD, and they were vague on the details. They confirmed that police responded, spoke to witnesses and took a report. No arrests were made, and the incident was documented. They would not say anything beyond that.

8 thoughts on “anyone at Pratt July 24th around 12:30 pm

  1. I just spoke briefly with police, and they said they are going to track down details and will call me if they find them (and can release it).

  2. Thank you! This happened in the middle of the park. As of yesterday I was the only witness to this crime. I’m afraid to release too much info but the incident happened between 12:30pm and 1:00pm, on the west side of the park by the water sprinklers. It was between an adult male and female child between the ages of 7/9. The park was very crowded. I strongly feel that someone else witnessed something.

  3. What water sprinklers are at Pratt Park? I was at Broadcast Coffee until about 11:45 on Monday and then walked through Pratt Park towards Jackson and 18th. There is that little P-patch area on the west side of the Park, and the coverred basket ball court. I can’t recall a water feature.

  4. Got it. Never noticed it before. Checked it out this morning. Never have seen it used. I diagonal through the park from NE to SW and back most days. That misses the play area by too much to notice anything.