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Much Larger Venue for 7/26 EastPAC Meeting!

As we learned from the CD News comments, many folks requested a larger room for our EastPAC meetings.

So we listened, and booked the Garfield  Community Center’s Community Room for THIS Thursday’s July 26th Community Meeting, from 6:30 to 8:00 PM.

We will be discussing recent events and incidents impacting our neighborhoods as well as the arrest of the suspect in the Justin Ferrarri homicide. Please, let’s also not forget to push toward finding the person/s responsible for the shooting of Tyrone Love and the countless others who have been victims of gun violence.  

 SPD East Precinct Command staff will be present to answer your questions and address your concerns.

Also, please join me in welcoming Melanie Boehm to our EastPAC Board!  Melanie brings a wealth of experience and commitment to increasing the quality of life in our neighborhoods, and is very involved in community and youth development and support. Melanie has worked with Seattle Parks and Recreation since 2004, and is an East Precinct/Central District resident.  Welcome, Melanie! 

We’ll see everyone on Thursday, and let’s proactively collaborate to make this a safer and healthier community!

Stephanie, Chair

9 thoughts on “Much Larger Venue for 7/26 EastPAC Meeting!

  1. Good News: First I wish to thank Tom Fucoloro for the incredible job he is doing with the Central District News! Now for the bad news: Since ‘gangs’ hit this state, millions and millions have been spent in this city toward youth programs, ‘summer fun’, tutors, minority-related schools, posters, ‘posers’, marches, rallies, BBQ’s, parades, and even more clown shows – and you STILL have no real control over violence in the city of Seattle, outlying areas, and mainly the CD-South end. Churches’ are basically ‘nothingness’ except good for begging and poaching(and cartoon reality social programs. Maybe one program may work). Did that last statement rile you? Good. Then listen to this: Most gang related shootings and gang ‘vacant house’ hideouts are near a church. So dont even get me started, cause you can mapquest what I’m say’in. Why arent ALL of these so-called organizations walking in the streets working to ‘end’ this violence? Face to face with the gangs, and other ‘at-risk’ youth? Because your doing what you do best – nothing. STOP fooling yourselves. Last week SWAT had to rush from a North Seattle incident to a South Seattle incident. Get it? So what happens when some bangers, or ‘at risk youths’ thrown down some real-heavy duty violence, carrying more heat with it than the stats’ Seattle already has for the year? Quit all your ‘smiling’ and deal with it in real time, and suck up some ‘reality’ while your at it. Thats the key. And quit trying to exchange the word reality for the word negative, and then and only then will you be heading in the right direction, and you’ll get at the bottom of any problem. And thats what we want and thats all that really matters. Like they say, when you ‘patronize’ people, their crippled for life. Welcome Melanie. Now lets get to work.

  2. There are so many churches it is hard not to live very near to one. And most of them are not engaged in any noticably positive way. Many seem to be run down and uninterested in their neighbors. As if none of the members knows what a paint brush is for.

  3. That is one fat complaint with very little in the way of suggesting what should be done to remedy the problem. Marching church ladies? That should shake the bangers to their cores.

  4. Anyone else wonder if Grumbo and MrsD are authored by the same person? I’m inclined to add “your-talk…” to the little game.

  5. Typical thought process of an insulated mind. ‘All people that have an opinion different from mine are conspiring against me or are perhaps even one in the same.’

    Has it ever occured to you that perhaps there are a whole lot of people like me? That 40% of us think you patsies are enabling the decline of civilization?

  6. Why do you think I disagree with your views? Well, I’m much more a fan of MrsD, than Grumbo. Put it that way. But you, yourself, said that you have a different persona on another news site. What’s to stop you from having multiple personas on this site? You said you enjoy orchestrating and manipulating responses on these sorts of venues. If I were trying to do that, I’d sure as hell use multiple personas. Who knows, maybe I already do.

  7. I will take this opportunity to reiterate that if anyone is using “characters” (you can be anonymous, of course, just no alternate personas) on CDNews, they need to stop. Please respect everyone’s time by engaging in conversation honestly.

  8. I tend to think Grumbo is far more right-leaning in his politics than am I. I may get riled up about crime, having lived in the CD for 5 decades, but generally I’m considered a bit of a lefty. At work anyway. I think also that I’m older than Grumbo but perhaps that is just my assumption. And of course, I’m female and a mom, while I think Grumbo is married and male, but I’ve never seen him post about having kids. He and I disagree greatly on the Trayvon Martin topic, but that’s for another string.

  9. Hey Mrs D.; Actually we are aquainted and not far apart in age or street.

    My position on Zimmerman is the same as for Patterson. Note that I have argued that all the Patterson evidence presented to the public so far is circumstantial. It is compelling, but, I would not convict yet. While we know Zimmerman killed Martin – the actual evidence of Zimmerman’s motive is absent other than Zimmerman’s statement of self defense. There is nothing to refute that other than peoples wild immaginative search for the devil.

    Patterson is also not yet convicted in my mind. I suspect that there will be more evidence forthcoming in his case, but, that will wait for the trial if there is one.

    However, It is pretty well evidenced that the kid and his gang are dirt bags. By their own video they show that they want to be known as bad guys. And the neighbors have uniformley spoken of the rotteness eminating from his home. They are not people I would want as neighbors. As for Zimmerman, just about everyone though he was a pretty decent guy who may or may not have made a mistake. And let’s try to keep in mind that we live in the CD. Who cares about Zimmerman – let Florida deal with that. Let’s deal with our mess. The BGD, Bloods, and now the 31 C.R.E.E.P.S. from Cherry street.

    I am not right wing at all. I’m not religeous. I am pro-freedom of choice. I am opposed to most types of discrimination. I think that people can call themselves married if they want to. I’m OK with Polyandre and Polygammy if your in to that. I sure as hell don’t want more than one woman or man in my house, but, what ever. Also though I don’t tell people all about my night last night and I’m not really interested in hearing a bunch of weird as gay stories from the club last night. It’s none of my damned business please. Is that right wing? I don’t think so.

    I do think that coddling everyone keeps them from every stepping up and being responsible. The safety net is too strong. People need to be able to fail, be held accountable, and then given another chance. Except rapists, molesters, and chronically violent thugs. There is a point at which your welcome in society should be revoked. Patterson? Probably so.