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Jackson Place Community Council BBQ and Quarterly Meeting on Monday June 11 6 PM

If you live, shop, work, or learn in the Jackson Place neighborhood please join us for our annual BBQ followed by our summer quarterly meeting. 

The BBQ begins at 6 PM at the Jackson Place Cohousing, 800 Hiawatha Place South.  Seattle Councilmember Sally Bagshaw will join us at 7 PM.  Lyle Bicknell from Seattle’s Department of Planning and Development will also have a short presentation on the I-90 light rail station planning, which will include a station between Rainier and 23 Ave on I-90.

We will also be hosting the 2012-13 JPCC Board elections during the meeting.

10 thoughts on “Jackson Place Community Council BBQ and Quarterly Meeting on Monday June 11 6 PM

  1. We don’t want to have Sally Windbag waste any of our time. She hates us. Who invited that troll? I’m voting you out.

    Light rail – that is a good thing. I’ll totally use it to come here for the restaraunts after I move east of the center for violence.

  2. Gotta do all I can to help improve the hood first. Some of the folks here have been actively impeding progress. We gotta get some changes on the way so property values improve. Bring indevelopment, more town houses, more/bigger developments on the main corridors, Dearborn, Rainier, Jackson, 23rd, Union, Yesler, etc. Need to lobby City for more real development and less government handouts. Defund the social programs and the Community Councils. Did you know JPCC is responsible for a $300K two block street narrowing project? There are only 6 houses on that two block stretch. Talk about dumb. Also, do we really need Sharrows on every side street? Dumb. Put Sharrows on routes bikes and cars might actually have a conflict on. Quite neighborhood streets it is assumed that bikes are their. Shoots bra! I could be here for ever trying to fix your mistakes.

  3. Grumbo’s always welcome, but JPR should take some of his own advice. so when are ya leaving JPR?

  4. When light rail gets here I will be gone. I love the light rail concept, but, that will not determine my preferred home. CD would be cool if it wasn’t so run down. Lot’s of other places will improve much more before CD comes around – if it ever does. There are glimmers of hope, but, it is a tough road to build. We would need a much higher level of gentrification bringing in spending and taxes to make this a great hood. We can’t do it organically like Georgetown. Georgetown just is cool. CD needs a total rebuild of Rainier corridor. Almost nothing there worth saving accept the old SPS building (Darigold), Budd’s maybe, Links. Everything else should be bulldozed. 23rd – Same Total re-develop. Need bar scene on Poplar, Links to Beacon. Maybe, just maybe, CD can become a really great place. Until then it is a factionalized zone of chaos. Kinda fun, but not great. Easy access to East 90 for mountain lovers.

  5. A couple of property owners on 18th blocked the JPCC traffic calming plan for the ‘hood and SDOT decided to do the street narrowing there instead. All the money for the neighborhood was dumped there because of that. Not JPCC’s choice…

  6. Yes the unnecessary funding was dumped on a silly project. A disgusting waste of 1/4 million dollars that could have gone to something usefull or not been spent at all. This should be a serious WTF directed at the city.

    “A couple of people blocked the traffic calming plan”? The trafic calming plan is uneeded. There is very little problem with traffic in the CD. A few speeders. Let’s see. $250,000 could have given us 1.5 officers in the CD doing more than calming traffic. Likely 20 less gunfire incidents, 10 less accidents, 3 less rapes, 2 less murders, and countless more peace of mind. Oh, but we got 4000, square feed of weeds that half the residents don’t mow.

    As I recall it was one guy who blocked the development of Dearborn and Rainier. Good job. Another 30 years of blight on the CD. Thanks buddy.

  7. There goes Jackson Place Resident inventing history. JPR is wrong, that was NOT the reason. Could we have a little truth around here rather than this pompous paternalistic false historical revisionist crap. Really now!