Two injured in shooting at Rainier and Dearborn – UPDATED, suspects at large

Two people were injured in a shooting at Rainier and Dearborn Friday afternoon. The victims were driven to Harborview Medical Center.

According to police, suspects in a truck opened fire on another truck around 1:30 p.m. Two of the passengers in the victim truck were hit.

Police stopped the suspect vehicle at 4th and Yesler and placed four people under arrest.

UPDATE: Police now say the suspects and the vehicle are still at large.

From SPD (updated 6/9 8pm):

On June 8th at approximately 1:31 p.m. officers responded to reports of shots fired in the 800 block of Rainier Avenue South.  Preliminary investigation indicates that the victims were in a black pickup truck stopped at a red light facing westbound on South Dearborn Street on the east side of the intersection with Rainier Avenue South.  The suspect vehicle, a Chevy SUV, approached from the east and pulled up alongside the victim vehicle in the on-coming lane.  A male suspect leaned out the front passenger side window of the Chevy and fired one shot into the victim vehicle.

The shot struck the adult male victim in the left arm, passing clean through and striking the adult female victim in the left side of her torso.  The suspect vehicle then fled northbound on Rainier Avenue South. 

The victims, an 18-year-old male and a 22-year-old female, drove to Harborview Medical Center from the scene for treatment of their non-life-threatening injuries.  A third occupant of the pickup truck, a juvenile male, was not injured.  

Officers located what they believe to be the suspect vehicle unoccupied in a parking lot southwest of the intersection of 23rd Avenue South and South Jackson Street.  The SUV was impounded and taken to the evidence garage for processing.

Gang Unit detectives continue to actively investigate.

30 thoughts on “Two injured in shooting at Rainier and Dearborn – UPDATED, suspects at large

  1. I wasn’t a witness but work in the area, and walked by right after everything cooled down. The truck that was shot up was a white SUV in the driveway of a restaurant at Rainier & Dearborn, and I’ve seen plenty of sketchy stuff go down there.

    Kudos to SPD for their response and apprehension of the suspects!

  2. I actually heard that. One shot for sure, maybe two. Couldn’t see anything unfortunately. Thanks tome. That was fast!

  3. Could someone please contact the Seattle Police Department and untangle the contradiction between the third and the fourth paragraphs of their press release? Thank you.

  4. I pulled into Red Apple just as police were responding. I overheard a few folks mention the East African Imports store in the plaza and one witness reported hearing 3 shots fired.

  5. I was in the Red Apple shopping when the incident @ 23rd + Jackson happened.
    Just after the shots were fired, I saw a dark green Chrysler sedan with a bright green chevron on the sides take off; preceeding there were several african-amurrikans in front of the Imports store- I only noticed because one guy really stuck out- a 6’3″ man with his pants belted WAY under his butt. Truly unfortunate, as there were lots of shoppers, moms and kids.
    The parking lot filled up with police, guns drawn, and I left…

  6. These gang bangers have sprayed lead and blood on every corner of this hood. This time the victims were not white family folk, so, we don’t know them and we won’t take much interest. It’s Friday and time to sleep already. Perhaps something more shocking will happen tomorrow. This little incident is nothing to worry about. Just bangers going at it.

  7. If this is meant to sarcastic, take a look around, no one cares about the color of the people hurt, particularly not on this site (or generally in this neighborhood). You’re exactly the type of person that perpetuates violence around here and God forbid someone you’re close to gets hurt or, worst yet, killed. I just want a safe place to raise my daughter, regardless of color. Wake up.

  8. It was sarcastic. What I’m saying is that people in this neighborhood just don’t care about violence. They were upset for a total of three days about Justin Ferrari. And that was a big deal because….

    People definately care differently for different peceptions about the victim.

    I’m not the one perpetuating violence. As far as I can tell I’m the only one consistently talking about violence and crime in the CD. Everybody else acts like I make this stuff up or think that kids are drug dealers.

    It looks like I have driven the head in the sand patsy excuse makers from commenting. Because they are wrong headed chickens. I’m the barking dog – you know what I’m up to. I would be afraid of all the quiet do nothings. They are what is killing the hood.

  9. congrats to SPD for a good response and catching someone! hope they prosecute and the witnesses testify. grumbo is a spry writer and great at pointing out the problems, but short on suggestions for solutions…..

  10. Wow. Do you guys not know how to read? How many times have I said that the solution is for the neighbors to be out on the streets and engaging people. I know it is not my idea. It is the #1 and only way to clean up a neighborhood. The police promote it. Anybody who knows anything aboout crime prevention knows that citizen engagement is the effective answer. Do you want me to have a new idea for crime prevention? There aren’t any new ideas and there never will be.

    Let’s see – we now own police helocopter drones that can fly for ten minutes in good conditions during daylight hours when an operrator is in direct line of site of the drone. There’s a great investment that will solve 0 crimes. Another officer deployed to the CD would prevent crime. You could buy me a new weed wacker so I can trim brush and I would prevent more crimes and find more criminals than a drone. $300.

    Somebody suggested one those shot locator systems. Big help it is to find out that a shot was fired at 23 and Cherry. Duh. No need to invest 500K in a computor listening system. Just hang out on 23rd for 48 hours and you can see it for yourself.

    And for your information – I am out there every day. Saying high to the criminals. They are not within 5 blocks of my house because I kick in the car doors of the buyers and sellers. It pisses them off but they go away rather than confront a deranged red neck. Funny how nobody has called the cops on me for kicking in their car door. Any reports SPD? Nope. Why? Duh.

    What I am railing about is everybody sitting around mumbling and having a semiannual koombiaya or what ever when a particlarly interesting victim gets wacked.

    There is in fact a war going on in the CD. It is a war over who gets to commit crime here. I used to not buy into the post appocolyptic Thunder Dome stuff. But look at Mexico. Now look at the CD. Say hello to Mad Max. It’s coming if you don’t wake up and go outside tonight.

  11. Actually, people are not AS up in arms becuase, (A) no one was killed, (B) per the Times today “Information from witnesses helped police locate a suspect, a man in his early 20s, in a clothing store near the shooting scene. He was arrested without incident.”
    That is not quite the same as “some poor random family watched in horror as their father was murdered by a gun firing stranger who then fled in to the neighborhood on foot.” The former happens all the time in the CD. The latter made non-gangbangers fear for their lives. Apples and oranges, regardless of victim or participant color, despite your attempt at race-baiting.

  12. It’s easy folks. Use your eyes and your phone, get in the habit of noticing who comes and goes. Don’t hesitate to dial the man and have for him a decent description of Who – What – Where and When. Dispatchers will ask good questions, they’re professionals. East Precinct has been good for me and my hood when contacted, they show up, quickly or in rare cases when they are chock full of jobs they tell you they’ll get there as soon as they can ( yes it happens, cops can be busy ). But if it’s real ” Hot ” they’ll triage and the cavalry will come. Talk with them, get to know who works your beat…it really works. In the end if what you may have suspected might be happening isn’t happening the professionals will determine that. meanwhile the creeps will see the Man showing up and become uncomfortable doing business and move…remember they’re in business and they want to make as much coin as they can but if you disrupt their business collectively they’ll move along. Keep them moving along that’s all…anything beyond that ( arrests, indictments and convictions are icing on the cake and the work of, mostly, dedicated public servants …Your Paying For Law Enforcement and The Criminal Justice System tax payer so call’em up and put’em to Work For YOU and YOURS.

  13. More violence at this same shopping area, and no definative or reliable witnesses feeling safe enough to step forward? When people complain about us locals not supporting these shops of questionable value, just remember, I feel safer shopping Capital Hill, or Beacon Hill than here. Also, certainly treated like valued Customers outside the CD.

  14. It seems as though most folks are treating these incidences as if they are surprises. I am not surprised at all. I am disheartened and more frightened now, but not surprised. Seems to me that over the last 3 years, gun violence has been steadily on the rise in our neighborhood.

    I talk to my neighbors, I know the people in my neighborhood,and that has not, and will not, make a difference in whether the teenager down the street whose precious life is descending into violence and gang culture is going to fire off shots in the middle of the daytime in a busy cross section. My neighborhood consists of folks who have lived in this neighborhood their entire lives adn are now raising their own children here – and others who moved in 8, 10, 15 years ago. We pay attention to each other’s safety, we engage each other without regard to race, sexual orientation, class, etc. We collectively have tried to help out kids in our neighborhood who have had trouble. And that has done nothing to change the fact that in driving these streets daily ( as I have for thelast 9 years) I have NEVER NOT ONCE seen a police officer on the street at Parnells, or at 23rd and Cherry at the AM/PM gang loitering stations, or at 26th and Jackson corner store, or at Powell Barnett park or ANYWHERE else for that matter. There is no real police presence in our area in any of these “hot spots.” People don’t shoot off guns in the middle of the daytime in areas where they know it won’t be tolerated or where they think the cops will be nearby or on to them.

    I never used to buy into it when people talked about our neighborhood as a containment zone. But I was thinking recently about this – – I remembered that 20 years ago when I first moved to Seattle a friend had given me a heads up – – “if you can avoid it,” she said, ‘try to not to drive across 23rd and cherry late at night… it’s just one of the most violent corners in seattle.” And here we are people. 20 years later, and it hasn’t changed. Tell me, with all teh good people in this neighborhood, how is that even possible? How is it that this has just gone on and on and on without repair?

    This is just the beginning of the summer – and the number or guns going off in broad daylight in our neighborhood isn’t likely to be going DOWN. We can participate in our neighbordhoods all we want, and it won’t change the fact that his neighborhood is still considered fair and open grounds for gang related violence and activity. Somebody in the city would have to DECIDE that that was going to stop. That would take leadership; and the willingness to create and implement a plan.

    Maybe until the Mayor and City Council make their homes within .5 miles of 23rd and Jackson, they will continue to pretend to treat these troubles as if they were their own. I don’t think they do this intentionally, but human nature is pretty stunning – and until it’s your child you’re afraid to put in a stroller to take out for a daily walk, or until it’s you that notices you almost didn’t let your child partipate in track and field club this year becuase the practices would be held at Garfield High – – I think until that’s really your experience, perhaps you can’t really commit at the level necessary to make these changes matter.

  15. I too engage all types of people on my street. The look o the faces of the bangers types is priceless. not anger…. just shock. and FYI they engage me right back in a neighborly way.

  16. Citizen engagement requires more than just a few of us. It requires a large percentage. And more than just saying high. Yes calling the cops as needed. But also some more of us need to kick in their doors and throw rocks at the dealers. No, not the kids. The people you see time after time making exchanges in the street. They are drug dealers. Pay attention. Once you get it figured out, have some rocks at hand. Much better to bust out their window than to wait for the cops to miss everything.

  17. ——Why is it you had to consider the race before becoming upset? These bullies that are terrorising OUR neighborhood and OUR neighbors, do not seem to be killing based on any minor issue like race. These violent individuals don’t seem to be great shots, and just as easily could hit you, me or a child. Their bullets do not care about race, gender, or age, …they just tear into flesh, and kill and mame without any such limitors,..or preferences. Death and community loss is real for all of us, so please,… turn your anger into something that is supportive, rather than divisive.

  18. High Grumbo. Please don’t throw rocks at the dealers. Also, please don’t try to break out windows with rocks. Please. That is just a dumb idea. Look if you wan’t people to follow the law (you harp on and on about that) you might want to follow the law also. I swear to god, if I see you throwing rocks at anything I’m calling the cops on YOU. Please stop trying to incite more violence with your stupid remarks.

  19. Sorry perhaps my statement was overly broad as usual. I don’t mean to incite violence and certainly not encourage all the citizens of Seattle to through rocks and kick drug dealers cars. Just suggesting that it is OK for some of the folks that are good at that and understand the risks. For those people it is OK to take aggresive action against known chronic criminals. This is not for the timid or uncertain. You don’t want to attack the good guys ever. That would be horrible. I spend great amounts of time verifying criminal activity before kicking the door in. It’s one of many hobbies. I enjoy it. Alot of times the hobbies blend together. Biking/Following a car. Walking the dog/watching guys on the corner. Trimming other peoples trees that hang over the sidewalk and slowly watching people in parked cars. Playing with my droid/taking notes and pictures of suspects/vehicles for later verification. I always log the license plate in case I get killed off – you’ll know who dun it.

    So – some us us throw rocks responsibly, that is all I’m saying.

    And it is not illegal if there is no victim. People skip rocks in the pond all the time. I’m just skipping rocks off the head of criminals who aren’t concerned enough to call the police, so, it is not a crime. And it won’t matter if you call. The police will come 20 minutes later. There will be no victim. And I probably won’t be there either. On the bright side the bad guys won’t come back for months after just two confrontations. Then all you need is a little maintenence – just standing around works from then on. Nobody wants the attention that ass holes bring to the corner.

    And I don’t advocate 100% compliance with the law at all. On highway I try to stay above 80mph. I’m in a hurry. HOV lane is OK for passing if you don’t get in the way of any actual HOVs. It is OK to prune the trees that poke you in the eye, regardless of who they belong to. Civil disobediance is OK as long as you don’t provoke the police – that is dumb. You don’t have to pick up dog crap if they do it in the ivy. Jay walking is OK as long as you don’t get hit. Burning brush is OK on rainy days. Personal aerial pyrotechnic displays are OK between July 1 and July 5 at 0200, also on Sept 11, New Years, Chinese New year, and other times that you want to do it. Lot’s of illegal things are OK to do. I don’t smoke pot, but, you can do that to.

  20. ——The comment about having lived here in the CD for 9 years, and never having seen the SPD at the 23rd and E. Cherry St AM/Pm surprises me. I am certain you don’t mean you haven’t seen the SPD there when they are called or when there is a disturbance, as I believe we can all agree there are more of those instances of SPD being visible and APPRECIATED, so I will take it that you are refering to SPD just stopping off and being visible (!?). I live just up the street and stop off or pass by this AM/PM frequently, and I have seen OUR SPD with their vehicles there, being nothing more than visible, and making their presence known. I also see OUR SPD representatives driving though our neighborhood, and since I am not always looking for them, I assume they are there quite abit more often than the times I observed have them.
    —-Please remember, there have been some changes in our local SPD team, and giving them a bit of recognition for their efforts goes a long way. I can assure you, they do a whole lot better than I could, and I respect and appreciate their efforts!