SPD: Man carjacked at 26th and Columbia shortly after buying the car in Craigslist deal

We’ve written about a lot of Craigslist deals gone awry in the CD, but they usually involve items like iPads and iPhones. Wednesday, a man was robbed at gunpoint near 17th 26th and Columbia just seconds after paying $1,400 in cash for a 1991 Ford Explorer.

From the SPD Blotter:

Mere moments after handing over cash for a used car Wednesday evening, a man found himself at the mercy of two carjackers in the Central District.

The man told police that Wednesday afternoon, he contacted a woman about an online ad for a 1991 white Ford Explorer, and later met her in the parking lot of a restaurant near the Seattle Center.

The man drove with the woman to the Central District and parked near a home on 17th 26th Avenue and E. Columbia Street.

The woman told the victim she needed to go into the home and get paperwork for the car, and the victim handed her $1400 in cash to pay for the vehicle.

After the woman got out of the car and walked off, two men approached the victim—who was waiting in the car—and pointed a gun at him.

The suspects ordered the victim out of the car, demanded his keys and cell phone, and drove off with the victim’s car.

5 thoughts on “SPD: Man carjacked at 26th and Columbia shortly after buying the car in Craigslist deal

  1. Either the same thing happened in our alley near 27th & Columbia, or maybe the address in this post is incorrect…it happened Thursday around 1pm near our house.

  2. I contacted Jonah, who wrote the SPD Blotter post, and he double checked. You’re right, it was 26th and Columbia. I’ll correct the story. He has also corrected SPD’s post.

    Thanks for pointing that out!