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Anyone missing a rooster in CD?

I was walking the dogs this morning and heard a rooster crowing in a very unlikely location: E Yesler and 29th. There was a very lost rooster way up in the pine tree on the SW corner, above Officer Brenton’s memorial.

8 thoughts on “Anyone missing a rooster in CD?

  1. The house at MLK & Yesler has chickens, which I only recently noticed so perhaps they’re new and the rooster escaped?

  2. Someone may have let it go – you are not actually allowed to have roosters in the city – just hens, but I understand that chicks are very hard to sex so sometimes you do end up with a rogue boy in your brood.

  3. Yep, I know about the chickens at MLK and Yelser but have never seen a rooster there previously. Poor guy is exactly in the same place this morning. I know roosters aren’t allowed in the city so I wondered where in the world he came from.

  4. There was a white rooster living around Mt Baker park for a few years … haven’t seen him in a while though.
    CD neighbor is probably right. I bet he is hanging out near someone else’s coop to be near the ladies, it’s his job, after all.

  5. This rooster has been in that tree every morning (and now in the afternoons sometimes too..) for the past several months. I don’t think it is lost – I think it has claimed that tree.

  6. Roosters are cool. We should allow them in the city. Most of us need to crawl out of bed earlier anyway. Chickens all over the place would attract more Coyotes and Hawks. It would be almost like the town was alive.

  7. I hope it’s the one that lives behind me and that it never finds its way home! At 430am I do no need to hear that thing screaming its head off. Shaddup already.