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Central District Free Neighborhood Coworking Space

Hi neighbors, we’re turning our Central District home into a free coworking space. Join us when you can!

Where: 954 21st Ave, half block south of Union St. and Central Cinema
When: Wednesdays, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., at the moment

What is a coworking space? Ours is a gathering place for people who work for themselves or from home to gather and work. You make it what you want it to be. Work independently. Work with others. Bounce ideas off of people. Meet neighbors. Start a new project. Get help with a project. Share/swap things and skills. Stave off loneliness.

Amenities of the space: free wireless Internet access, comfortable living room and dining room workspaces, fireplace, full kitchen, microwave, teapot and community-provided tea, refrigerator space for your lunch, private room for informal meetings of 5 or 6, front porch and backyard work and meeting spaces (warm months), printer for small jobs

Leadership: If you show up, you are both leader and member of the space. Support staff includes one lovable dog (Grady, director of Exercise and Outdoor Activities) and three social cats (Joe, Director of Napping; Ansel, Chief Play and Innovation Officer; and Bella, Dispute Creation and Resolution Smackdown Specialist)

Weekly posts, including any necessary closures:
If you’d like to join us: please just stop by or email Lori at [email protected]

3 thoughts on “Central District Free Neighborhood Coworking Space

  1. Lori is a rockstar! Big congrats to her for developing such a thoughtful, unique approach to coworking. Keep up the great work, Lori!

  2. Unique? Thanks! The thoughtful part is happening now–now that there’s a community of coworkers here. I was just tired of working alone and I enjoy being thoughtful as a group. :-)

    The hard-working cat is Joe. He’s our Director of Napping. Yesterday he was belly up asleep in front of the fireplace while 9 of us coworked around him. He’s so good at his job. Really an inspiration to us all. As is Batman, Director of Play and Innovation. This week he demonstrated how to play with feet.