Disney Family picks Powell Barnett Park as one of the top parks in the country

We all know Powell Barnett Park is awesome, but apparently Disney Family thinks so, too. A post on their website lists the park as one of their top parks and playgrounds in the country.

Last year, the community took matters into their own hands when the city announced that the park’s wading pool would be closed due to budget cuts. A group raised several thousand dollars — including a couple hundred from CDNews and our sister site Capitol Hill Seattle — to keep the wading pool open on Saturdays all summer.

From Disney Family:

1. Powell Barnett Park, Seattle, Washington

Powell Barnett Park consistently gets named one of the top five parks in the Seattle and for good reason: after receiving a Starbucks Ultimate Park Makeover this magical place has a wading pool, basketball court, complex climbing structures, and creative play equipment you won’t find anywhere else. It’s especially good for families with kids of different ages. Preschoolers enjoy the smaller, sturdier climbing structures with plenty of small hand grasps and peek-a-boo holes. School-age kids have a blast on the more complex climbing structures and off-center whirligigs. Wobbly bicyclists can practice their skills on the paved trail that rings the park, with basketball courts and grassy fields rounding out the fun. The only downside is that you won’t find a Starbucks or eatery nearby as this oasis — the park is in a decidedly residential neighborhood.

2 thoughts on “Disney Family picks Powell Barnett Park as one of the top parks in the country

  1. I think the recognition is awesome, but will Disney put up some bucks if the city announces that the wading pool is to be closed, again? It’s too bad that Disney Family didn’t also tip their hat to the neighborhood contributors who made sure the facilities were open.

  2. Perhaps the Disney Family likes the smell of ganja drifting over the park from the Alder Street brothers hanging by their cars. C’mon guys, I like a bit now and then myself but I don’t do it next to a Sunday park filled with kids of all ages, many impressionable. Have a little decency, please…..