Man panhandling injured in early morning fight near Garfield

A man panhandling near Ezell’s on 23rd was sent to the hospital after a fight with an unknown suspect March 5.

The fight started shortly after 5 a.m. when several people trying to fix a disabled vehicle declined to give the man money when asked. The man then got angry and started throwing garbage at them, according to the police report. The suspect then armed himself with a shovel handle and struck the man several times.

The suspect fled, and medics transported the man to the hospital.

From the police report:



4 thoughts on “Man panhandling injured in early morning fight near Garfield

  1. …or does anyone else not feel sorry for this guy? He aggressively panhandles and starts throwing garbage at some people, then they beat him up. Oh, boo hoo. Maybe next time when someone declines your panhandling, you’ll just go away and STFU? Too bad. Maybe he learned something.

  2. Yeah, I don’t see the problem here. If anything the panhandler should be charged with something. What’s the “suspect” supposed to do? He’s just trying to fix his car and this bum starts begging him for money and throwing rocks and trash at him. The bum got what he deserved.

  3. You subhumans. Haven’t you heard of the new non-violent beating techniques? These dumb mechanics need to go to the new citizens acadamy as mandated by the commerce department. That’s right! Seattle citizens have been investigated over the last five years and have been found to be vile ignorant slobs, and patsies. All are hearby orderred to attend workshops on being real people. When you baby sneeezes you must….