Taco trucks vanish on Union and Cherry

It’s as though they were never there.

Taqueria Tres Reyes at 21st and Union and Taco City USA at 23rd and Cherry have both vanished, and nearby businesses are not sure why.

Taco City USA was once in the gas station parking lot at 23rd and Union, but it left that space when the gas station changed owners at the end of 2010. It set up down the street in the parking lot of the AM/PM at 23rd and Cherry. But now it’s gone.

The person working at the AM/PM did not know why the truck left or where it went, but she was doubtful it would return.

Taqueria Tres Reyes opened in the parking lot of the car repair shop at 21st and Union in May 2011. In September, they added a covered seating area ahead of the rainy season. They got help from their friends at Taco City USA to get started, cook Mareceo Cesekros told me last summer.

Attempts to contact anyone with either business has so far been unsuccessful. It’s not yet clear if the trucks are changing locations or shuttering for good. We will update as we learn more (in the meantime, Toony in the CDNews forum seems to have a theory).

12 thoughts on “Taco trucks vanish on Union and Cherry

  1. we made visits to the tres reyes truck nearly every week and definitely noticed its recent absence (though there’s a different empty taco truck sitting in its place). the family that runs it is so sweet. hope they are doing ok and that they come back.

  2. I love Tres Reyes. I am bummed to hear some thugs were harassing them; I hope the family is ok. Thanks, thugs, for all you do!

  3. Was by there last week even (thurs) hoping for a bite and they weren’t open during normal evening hours. If this is true, especially the thug protection bit, this is bad news.

  4. Tres Reys chicken tacos and friendly family atmosphere were something I always looked forward to and will feel a loss for. Although, Ann across at the Union Market does make the best chicken teriyaki and fried rice I’ve had in a long time. If you are looking for some good wholesome food in the CD to take home, it’s well worth the visit. It’s really, really good!

  5. I enjoyed their Burritos and their Tacos. It was real Mexican food with their children playing while their mother cooked. Beautiful experience and I tipped well. If the thug protection issue is true where are the police? Perhaps Grumbo is right, maybe we should have a citizen “patrol”. if the police want to contain crime here.

  6. I was talking about the taco truck in the Arco lot on 23rd & Cherry in my forum post, I just am shocked that 3 Reyes is gone now too!!!!! I usually got their tacos every week or so & their little girl loved to pet my dog :(

  7. I do miss my taco truck neighbors but agree, Ann at Union Market is awesome! She’s so friendly and warm. I feel lucky to have her nearby.