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Car Dealership Yesler & 17th gone? Occupy Seattle?

Last week I noticed that the used car dealership at the northwest corner of Yesler & 17th was gone. The lot, which usually had about 10 cars parked on it, was empty, and there were two signs on the fence: One was the black fist with “O S” on it, and I believe that’s the Occupy Seattle logo. The other sign pictures an artillery round flying back into a cannon.

Does anyone know what happened there? It seems like somebody is awfully glad that the dealership is gone.


One thought on “Car Dealership Yesler & 17th gone? Occupy Seattle?

  1. I figured they had just loaded the canon backwards, being idiots and all.

    I always wondered about that dealership, no prices and no hours. People that worked there were nice enough, but the place always seemed a bit… odd.