BottleNeck celebrates 5 years where the Hill meets the CD

(Images: Suzi Pratt)

We admit full on bias when it comes to the BottleNeck Lounge. It’s an important little piece of the CHS and Central District News puzzle. The lounge was born as both our neighborhood news sites were getting started in an area that bridges the neighborhoods we cover. You can see just how different we were back then. We didn’t know what was ahead. We’ve grown. Erin Nestor and her BottleNeck have been part of both sites from the beginning as an advertiser and a community member adding comments and news tips along the way. Her effort has grown, too, with Tommy Gun now resident on E Olive Way. But on Friday night, it was time to celebrate the BottleNeck and the place where Capitol Hill and the Central District connect. Happy 5th birthday, neighbors.

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