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Fruit Tree Pruning: A Hands-On Workshop

The CNA Community Harvest volunteers invite you to come learn how to prune fruit trees! 

Sunday, March 18th.

1:00 Community Lunch; 2:00 Start Pruning!

733 25th Ave S (near Dearborn)

This will be a hands-on class with Don Ricks, urban orchardist extraordinaire. You should wear your garden clothes and if you have any pruning tools you ought to bring them. 

Don has graciously agreed to help Colman Neighborhood develop a long-term care approach to many of the trees we’ve been gathering food to get to the St. Mary’s Food Bank.

We will be discussing and pruning several types of fruit trees in several locations around the neighborhood and discussing a few more trees: from new 4 year old trees to out-of-control old trees in need of rehabilitation. 

We will host a community lunch at 1:00 PM, Don joins us at 2 pm. Heavy rain cancels, but light rain won’t. If it’s safe to get on ladders, we’ll be doing this.

Please RSVP to [email protected]. No need to come to lunch first, if that doesn’t worWe k into your timing…and you’re just as welcome to have a bite with us and not prune trees. 

We are always looking for more volunteers for the summer fruit picking season here in Colman. I am also very happy to come talk to any other groups in the CD who might be interested in how we organize our “micro-harvesting” group as opposed to the larger fruit picking groups in town, like the outstanding City Fruit.

One thought on “Fruit Tree Pruning: A Hands-On Workshop

  1. Thanks to everyone who came out for this. It was awesome to meet so many neighbors from around the CD interested in pruning fruit trees and we really made some great progress on some trees— let’s hope we get a warmer April and May so we can get back to pick the fruit off them!