SPD: Person arrested for spray painting political event notice at 23rd/Jackson

Police have arrested a 26-year-old man early Thursday morning on suspicion of spray painting a wall at 23rd and Jackson with a political event notice.

Similar spray paint event notices caused a big stir in the neighborhood a few months ago after someone (or several people) painted information about Occupy Seattle’s Shut Down the Port action on many properties in and around Judkins Park. It’s not clear if the two incidents are related.

From SPD:

Seattle Police Department officers arrested a vandal in the Central District early this morning.

On March 15th, at about  2:30 am, officers from the East Precinct’s Anti-Crime Team spotted freshly sprayed painted graffiti, promoting an upcoming political event, on the wall of a shopping complex at 23rd Ave. and S. Jackson St.

Officers stopped a 26-year-old man near the scene and saw he had a can of spray paint tucked inside his jacket. The man also smelled of paint and had black paint on his palms. Officers arrested the man and searched his backpack, which contained a number of items commonly used for vandalism, including homemade paste, superglue and more paint.

Officers then booked the man into the King County Jail for investigation of property destruction.

You can find more information about how you to prevent and report graffiti in your neighborhood on the SPD Blotter.

13 thoughts on “SPD: Person arrested for spray painting political event notice at 23rd/Jackson

  1. It’s gotta be this guy.

    Saw brand new graffiti promoting this thing on a brick wall at 18th and Jackson this morning, and it’s been sprayed around a bit where I live in Rainier Valley as well.

  2. I’ve been seeing it all over the Boren and Pine area this past month, even when its been painted over by the city, few days latter, its back.

    Maybe someone needs to add another 1 to it and make it look like the general strike is on May 11st.

  3. instead of these protests and strikes and spray painting bullshit, how about these kids actually do something meaningful — all of the “occupy” folk all seem to point out the wrongs in the system but never point out *feasible* working solutions to the problems you protest. There’s only so far “bringing awareness” works before you need to figure out how to make change.


  4. At least they trying to do something, must everybody else just gives up and takes lower and lower pay and continues to pillage the people of the third world and bomb those of the Muslim world.

  5. these little white boys lost in the hood would quickly figure out what real oppression is.

  6. I am so glad to see another vandal arrested. It’s perfectly legal and just as effective to put up posters, why the need to cause damage to local businesses with your spray paint can punk?

    As far as the comment from ‘Someone’ about “most everybody else just gives up and takes lower and lower pay” That is totally untrue. I got a pay raise and a promotion that starts next week. I worked really hard to get it and I’m pretty stoked! The reason you don’t have a job is because you’re high, you’re lazy, and you think that tagging the neighborhood with occupy swag is hard work. Go to school, get jobs, and stop living off the work of others you losers.

  7. I am so disappointed with the west coast version of occupy! Seems like the chapters back east are helping folks save their homes from forclosure and doing other positive things. The occupy’s here (Seattle and Oakland are good examples) have been co-opted by anarchists and seem more bent on destroying than building.

  8. I work full time. And yes, I’ll be there. There’s progress yet to be achieved…try and think a little bit before firing off garbage all over the internet.

  9. Tell your buddies to think a little bit before spray-painting/wheatpasteing garbage all over the neighborhood.