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Today@ 4pm! 23rd and Union. Speak out, rally & march.

What: Speak out and rally to hear voices and stories of those that have been affected by SPD’s excessive use of force.
Where: 23rd and E Union & walking to the E. Precinct @ 12th and Pine.
When: 4pm
Why:  Families have lost enough people, time and money from Chief Diaz and SPD officers repeated and federally exposed misconduct & excessive use of force. 

A coalition of people who are working to organize an ongoing campaign to bring our communities and families together. To call for real change regarding SPDs escalation tactics.


This 1st event of many will be a public speakout and to hear stories of those whose lives, friends & families lives, have been affected by SPD misconduct and chief diaz’s continued practices of excessive use of force. We will then have a non-violent march complete with torches to symbolically share hope and justice as we walk to the E. precinct to deliver the call for THE RESIGNATION OF JOHN DIAZ, CHIEF OF THE SEATTLE POLICE DEPARTMENT AND PROSECUTION OFF ALL OFFICERS FOUND TO BE REPEATEDLY ENGAGED IN EXCESSIVE USE OF FORCE. Also there will be a reading of the latest DOJ report that sheds light on the extent of SPD’s conduct.

Event organizers are specifically asking attendees to bring water bottles and some small fire extinguishers to show our responsibility around the image of torches. This is a chance to show responsibility for our own community.

This is a NON-VIOLENT event and a opportunity to show that the true escalation of aggression in our community comes from those who are enforcing laws. 

This is a FAMILY event, so the more families involved will insure the safety of this rally by safety in numbers. So please come and make your voices heard! 

See you there!

15 thoughts on “Today@ 4pm! 23rd and Union. Speak out, rally & march.

  1. ” true escalation of aggression in our community comes from those who are enforcing laws. “

    Right, spoken by people who obviously haven’t hung out at 23rd and Union at 2am. That’s right folks, all the violence in the CD is the ‘cops’ fault’.

  2. …and these morons will get wet.

    “water bottles and some small fire extinguishers to show our responsibility around the image of torches.”

    Privileged white kids with art school degrees. What the hell do they know about life in the CD?

    Maybe they should go talk to the families of the owners of the Philly Cheese steak restaurant about how they were victims of the SPD.

  3. We need to support the SPD and their work to rid the CD of crime. This send a wrong message from what may be percieved aspeople represnting the community. They do not represent me and I would suppose anyone else who has acctually lived here for any time.
    Take your march and start it from somewhere else.

  4. Thank you SPD! Try to keep up the good work. Sorry that the citizens of Seattle are such unappreciative sissies. You have my approval to kick some ass. Anywhere on 23rd would be fine.

  5. … that the alias name “Mother Jones” used by the person posting this announcement was registered just today? No other posts or comments. I wonder whether this person felt their usual alias would undermine the credibility of the event…

    But, we already know who it is: the “independent members of the Occupy Seattle movement” AKA, our dear anarchist neighbors ( ) who work so tirelessly to improve our neighborhood ( )

  6. @ a

    Naw, man… just trying to help spread the love. I figured someone just forgot to tag the poster. I’m sure the organizers want the neighborhood to know who’s organizing the event so we know who to thank.

  7. The SPD have done a great job cleaning up the CD. 23rd & Union is cleaner and safer now than it has been in years. Largely, we have the SPD to thank for this. These protesters seems like real losers to me with nothing better to do with their lives.

  8. Yea Diaz probably needs to go, but overall the Seattle Police have been one of the most professional departments that I have even interacted with. The CD has made some great strides in the past few years. I don’t think our “anarchist” friends realize that it is the SPD that keeps “the oppressed” that they say they care about so much from slashing their throats and taking their trust fund money.

  9. I saw maybe 50 people gathered on the plaza a little after four o’clock, but I never saw any sign of a march up Union while I was at Katy’s for the next couple of hours, and everyone was gone when I went back through 23rd and Union about 6:20.

  10. Let’s hope they do not make their way back. Posers who fake it as representing the CD is not needed.

  11. If you read the anarchists’ post about the march that you linked to, you would see clearly that they did not organize or call for the demonstration. They explain that they disagree with the “reformism” of the organizers and are proposing that anarchists attend with a different message. Probably the “all cops are bastards” style message.

    Since you didn’t bother reading your source before jumping to a conclusion and linking to it, yes, you resemble a journalist.

  12. OK, now I can answer my own question. Today’s story says the march stayed on 23rd until it turned left on Madison (instead of going up Union as advertised).