Today@ 4pm! 23rd and Union. Speak out, rally & march.

What: Speak out and rally to hear voices and stories of those that have been affected by SPD’s excessive use of force.
Where: 23rd and E Union & walking to the E. Precinct @ 12th and Pine.
When: 4pm
Why:  Families have lost enough people, time and money from Chief Diaz and SPD officers repeated and federally exposed misconduct & excessive use of force. 

A coalition of people who are working to organize an ongoing campaign to bring our communities and families together. To call for real change regarding SPDs escalation tactics.


This 1st event of many will be a public speakout and to hear stories of those whose lives, friends & families lives, have been affected by SPD misconduct and chief diaz’s continued practices of excessive use of force. We will then have a non-violent march complete with torches to symbolically share hope and justice as we walk to the E. precinct to deliver the call for THE RESIGNATION OF JOHN DIAZ, CHIEF OF THE SEATTLE POLICE DEPARTMENT AND PROSECUTION OFF ALL OFFICERS FOUND TO BE REPEATEDLY ENGAGED IN EXCESSIVE USE OF FORCE. Also there will be a reading of the latest DOJ report that sheds light on the extent of SPD’s conduct.

Event organizers are specifically asking attendees to bring water bottles and some small fire extinguishers to show our responsibility around the image of torches. This is a chance to show responsibility for our own community.

This is a NON-VIOLENT event and a opportunity to show that the true escalation of aggression in our community comes from those who are enforcing laws. 

This is a FAMILY event, so the more families involved will insure the safety of this rally by safety in numbers. So please come and make your voices heard! 

See you there!