Next Saturday at Squire Park Community Council Meeting

One of the more inspiring examples of activism in recent months has been Seattle high school students working to educate policy makers, and the community that elects the policy makers, on issues affecting public education.

The Squire Park Community Council is pleased to welcome to its quarterly meeting this Saturday, January 14, representatives of these students with an important message. Come and hear what they have to tell us.

Saturday’s meeting also will be an opportunity for a conversation with Carl de Simas, representing the Central District Association Business District Program, and Richard Johnson, the new head of the Central District Chamber of Commerce. What does the C.D. mean to you? What can existing businesses do to attract your support. They want to hear from you.

And, if you are interested in hearing more about taking advantage of a fund available to help you pay for improvements to the comfort and energy-use of your home, Sustainable Works will be at Saturday’s meeting to tell you more about how you can save on items like furnaces, air-sealing, insulation, and hot water heaters. This information can help you save significant dollars.

Also, meet: Andrea Caupain, the director of one of the neighborhood’s important and long-standing institutions, the Central Area Motivation Program which, among other things, provides assistance for the payment of home-heating bills.

Finally, meet and hear from Michael Wells the director of the dynamic Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce.

The meeting is from 10:00 A.M. to noon on Saturday January 14 in a room adjacent to the dining room (cafeteria) of the Swedish Medical Center Hospital on E. Cherry St. between 16th and and 17th. (Most direct route is the unmarked building entrance on E. Cherry. Otherwise, enter the hospital and follow signs to the dining room.

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