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DIY Sauerkraut Class this Sat. Jan 14th in the CD

Join me for a sauerkraut and traditional fermentation class. If you missed my sauerkraut class this past fall, don’t pass up your chance to learn how to make probiotic-rich, live-culture sour cabbage at home. It’s easy, and I will give you a step-by-step approach, we’ll talk about why live-culture foods are good for you, how to make them inexpensively at home, plus safety-tips. No cooking involved! This empowering class will be a good intro for those who want to learn how to make many fermented foods that can enhance our senses, digestion, and total health. We’ll make basic sauerkraut plus another fermented veggie project like beets or kimchee.

Jan 14th, 2012, 
2:30 pm – 4pm


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One thought on “DIY Sauerkraut Class this Sat. Jan 14th in the CD

  1. Thanks for all the interest! The class is now full. If you missed the boat, please contact me to be put on my list for future classes, or stay tuned. Thank you, pickling enthusiasts! Looking forward to seeing all of those who have contacted me by Thursday evening (as of 9 pm) at the class!
    – kate faulkner, HC