Crime Roundup: Present stolen from closet on Christmas Eve

Here’s a couple odd burglary reports in the neighborhood we missed over the holidays.

First, a present was stolen from a closet in a building at 10th and Terrace (AKA Whoville) on Christmas Eve. Video shows a thief enter the building and leave promptly with the present in his hands. The victim says he has no idea how the thief knew to find the gift — for his girlfriend — in the closet.

From the police report:

Copper stolen from construction site over New Year’s

Copper wiring and piping was found missing from a Jackson Place construction site January 3. Police figure the thief had lots of time over the holidays to clean the place out.

From the police report:

One thought on “Crime Roundup: Present stolen from closet on Christmas Eve

  1. It was only a matter of time before that building had the copper stolen from it. Suprised it took so long with the metal theives rampant in the area since the Recycling Depot is just a few blocks away. That apt has been under a state of off again on again construction for a couple of years and their security has been non-existant. Windows left open no security fencing. People show up and appear to work a few days then are gone for weeks. Their schedule is so random that I wouldn’t know the difference between the people that are actually working there and the theives.