Thompson’s Point of View closed for unpaid taxes

An order on the door of Thompson’s Point of View at 23rd and Union states that the soul food restaurant has been closed due to unpaid taxes and penalties from the State of Washington. The unpaid amounts total just under $14,000, according to the posting.

Thompson’s has had a rough year and a half. Carl Thompson, Jr died unexpectedly in the spring of 2010 at the age of 51. Carl had been a centerpiece of the restaurant since it started serving up North Louisiana-style food in 1986. The restaurant stayed in the family with his wife Gail taking over.

We will update as we learn more.

Here’s the notice posted on the door:


14 thoughts on “Thompson’s Point of View closed for unpaid taxes

  1. This is sad. Gail is a great person and really put her heart into Thompson’s. I really hope it gets worked out and re-opens.

  2. Hey! put your heart into your cafe – I bought a cinnamon roll there a few Sundays ago at 8:30am and it was hard as a 3 day old cinnamon roll! my wife wanted to take it back to you, but I got high and ate it 5 hours later in a stupor. I often also eat sand. C’mon man! Don’t post if you can’t cinnamon toast!

  3. I am landlord not operator. You should talk to Ken or Jane – I am sure they would like to hear your feedback.

    Just say No!

  4. NOOOOOOOO! thompsons is a cd landmark! it was there before i was born! first phillies best now thompsons point, what next? catfish corner???

  5. It has nothing to do with it being a black-owned business. It’s all about the unsavory characters, drug dealing, and violence that plagues the entire intersection.


  7. Actually it appears to have nothing to do with it being a black owned business or unsavory characters/drug dealing, but rather unpaid taxes….

  8. It’s not about being a black-owned business that Thompson’s was closed. Cause if that were the case the other black-owned businesses that reside in that building now and has been since Thompson’s opened would be closed right now…or did you know that there were other black-owned businesses in that building?

    Probably not because the community (when it was predominantly black) did not support them…and still don’t! I get so tired of when a black-owned business doesn’t survive, the fault isn’t their own. We have to start taking responsibility and stop acting as though we are entitled just cause we’re black.
    Get your facts straight.

    However, I applaud Gail for her efforts to carry on her husband’s legacy. She did everything she could to keep his dream alive. It’s not her fault that the taxes weren’t paid, it’s not her fault that the profits dried up, and it’s not her fault that the element of people that hung out in front of her restaurant we’re drug dealers, users, and prostitutes. She inherited that mess and she did her best to turn it around. But she’s not the only one who had to deal with them hanging out in front. The other businesses in that building had to deal with the problem, because they had to walk through those people daily just to get to their offices upstairs. I’m sure it affected their business too.

  9. Way to take a story I was depressed about, turn it into a snotty spat about race, and make me glad Thompson’s closed so I don’t have to risk actually meeting you.

  10. Once again a misplaced Black owned business in Seattle, and nothing to stop the financial superiority of those that continuously see to their demise. IADS>>SMDH!!!

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