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Madison Street Closure – Shop Local

SPU will be closing the intersection of East Madison and MLK next week. The work will begin on Monday Sept 26th and is scheduled to be completed on Friday 30th. This means traffic will be rerouted around the business district all next week. Attached is a map showing the detour route. 
While this is an inconvenience for residents, it has a HUGE impact on our local businesses. Stores will be open! We encourage you to support Madison Valley businesses during what will be a difficult week for them. The city has kept in place on-street parking in the neighborhood during the closure. 
You can get your Christmas shopping done early, enjoy a fine meal, and help keep the businesses you love – in business!

2 thoughts on “Madison Street Closure – Shop Local

  1. “While this is an inconvenience for residents, it has a HUGE impact on our local businesses.”

    The tone of that sentence grates on me after all we residents have been through during the endless Madison Valley Stormwater Project construction. We have endured – so the that businesses would not lose customers – NIGHT work (all night long reverse alarms, drilling, pounding that knocked pictures off of our walls) when we all have to go to work and school in the morning, vibrations that damaged our home sewers, dangerous conditions (resulting in numerous meetings with the city so our kids could walk out of their homes without being struck by the swinging arm of a backhoe), foul mouthed construction workers berating residents, damage to our cars, dirt raining down on our houses, the list goes on and on.

    So no, pricey businesses that many residents can’t afford to patronize, we neighbors have not just been “inconvenienced” while you business owners have been “HUGEly impacted.” We have actually suffered quite a lot in the name of the residents taking a hit so the businesses won’t have to.

  2. “Impacted”, “inconvenienced”, “suffered quite a lot”, “residents taking a hit”, “pounding and drilling”. Important construction is being done. Go live with the troglodites if you don’t want to live in a modern city. I know, Seattle is not a modern city but that is because of all the madvalleyresident troglodites that oppose anything good. Or perhaps the words repeated from above describe your sick little masochistic society down there in lower capitol hill. We are banishing you from the CD and redrawing the line. No ninnies in the CD.