Hollow Earth Radio’s BREAK-Fest will raise funds in living rooms around the city

Hollow Earth Radio’s fall fundraiser will take place in living rooms all around the city simultaneously. Register for BREAK-Fest now and they’ll email you the address of a private living room somewhere in Seattle where you’ll get a home-cooked meal and the chance to listen to Hollow Earth with other station supporters.

BREAK-fest is a throwback to the online radio station’s roots in a Wallingford home before they moved to E Union St over a year ago. From Hollow Earth:

When Hollow Earth Radio first started we did our little online broadcast out of the basement of a residential home. And even though we’ve moved on to a rad public space in the Central District, we think that same mood has carried with us; listeners tell us that tuning in feels like hanging out with friends in their home. We’re comfy homemade radio.

Aside from broadcasting online from their Union studio (including Central District-focused Central Sounds, Wednesdays from 9-11 p.m.), Hollow Earth Radio has also offered programs such as a summer field recording class for kids.

More details about BREAK-fest from Hollow Earth:

Here’s how it will work.

RSVP to attend our Fall Fundraising Brunch.

Register here: http://hollowearthradiobrunch.eventbrite.com/

One week prior to the event, we’ll email you with directions to a private home in Seattle, WA where you’ll enjoy a home-cooked meal with up to 10 other supporters.

If you think your friends would enjoy supporting Hollow Earth Radio, please invite them to attend as well.

All you have to do is bring a checkbook or a pillow case full of money and show up in your PJ’s (and that’s optional). Piece of cake (actual cake probably not provided)!

Speaking of Central Sounds, next Wednesday’s show is the free monthly Art Show dance and art party at the studio:


3 thoughts on “Hollow Earth Radio’s BREAK-Fest will raise funds in living rooms around the city

  1. I was just looking at the list of shows on Hollow Earth. I may have missed it, but there doesn’t seem to be any local news broadcasting. wouldn’t it be great if CD News (and other neighborhood news sites) had a weekly show on HER, recapping important neighborhood stories? Alternately, HER could post here on what’s happening in the radio world (e.g. local music events, music trends, local broadcasting politics, etc).

  2. Hollow Earth Radio would be waaaaaaaaaaay into this idea. Just get in touch if you want to do something like that.