Defend the CD’s honor in the Weekly’s Snackdown vs Columbia City

In today’s Neighborhood Snackdown over at the Seattle Weekly, Columbia City takes on the Central District in a battle of cuisine. Hanna Raskin tries to defend Columbia City from the clear superiority of the Central District’s eateries, highlighted by Zibby Wilder:

Starting at one end of the spectrum, there’s the James Beard award-winning Crush, Anchovies & Olives–Ethan Stowell’s song to seafood, Marjorie‘s Southern soul, and Skillet–one of the most red-hot spots in all of Seattle.

Moving through the cuisines of the world you can find the city’s best Ethiopian at Adey Abeba, Mesob and Saba; Southern spice at Catfish Corner and Oprah’s favorite fried chicken at Ezell’s. Teriyaki fans can get a great, cheap dish from the small kitchen inside Union Market (which also boasts the city’s most diverse candy aisle–Pollo lollipops, anyone?) and authentic Mexican at the Tres Reyes food truck stationed at the car repair place in the old Shell station on Union and 21st.

For less-adventurous fare, there’s neighborhood favorite Piecora’s pizza and Central Cinema also makes a mean pie – nicely paired with with a hot bowl of curried popcorn. Beehive Bakery recently opened its doors at 23rd and Union, breathing new life to a sad location once considered cursed, and offering tasty, fresh-baked cookies, pastries, and cakes.

Go vote for the CD.

0 thoughts on “Defend the CD’s honor in the Weekly’s Snackdown vs Columbia City

  1. Come on Seattle Weekly what about LOUISIANA GRILL and ALL PURPOSE PIZZA and BARBECUE PIT and R+L BARBECUE?


  2. It doesn’t matter how many votes you stuff, it doesn’t make the winner’s food better nor the loser’s food worse.

  3. And don’t forget the pizzas and desserts at Central Cinema! And the popcorn! Okay, I could go on and on…