Missing Kids Bike

My 3-year old, Kian, is missing his “fatboy” pedal bike: we’re not sure if it was taken from our porch or if it was left out on the sidewalk, but we really hope to get this bike back. Its a bit of a family heirloom with all the cousins having started out on this bike beginning more than 12-years ago. Its black with a white bike seat and handlebars, colored spokes and it has 12″ sized tires. Please keep an eye out and drop us a line if you find it. [email protected].  Many thanks!

0 thoughts on “Missing Kids Bike

  1. Check the metal bin behind the recycle depot on Rainier. The metal collectors beat them up a bit to look like junk and then sell them to get crack money. I saw a guy sell five bikes there a couple days ago.

  2. I saw several bicycles in the metal bin at Recycle Depot yesterday. Pretty sure that little bike was in there but could see all of it. There were several bikes in the bin that looked like they would have been ridable prior to dismantling. Any item with the slightest value in the CD will be stolen.

    I have people sorting through my trash every night looking for metal and who knows what else. Guys come around looking at my down spouts now at then as well – anybody missing those yet?