Woman stabs attacker near Sam Smith Park

A woman stabbed an alleged attacker after he allegedly tried to remove her clothing, according to Seattle Crime. The woman was waiting for her mother to pick her up near the suspect’s house on S Massachusetts St near MLK around 10 p.m. August 23 when the suspect suggested she wait in his house, where he attacked her.

SPD released this account:

On August 23rd at approximately 10:03 p.m. officers responded to the 2700 block of South Massachusetts Street for the report of an attempted sexual assault with a wounded suspect.  Preliminary investigation indicates that the victim (a woman in her mid-20′s) was outside of a friend’s house waiting to be picked up by her mother when she was approached by a nearby resident (the suspect) who is not a stranger to the victim.  The suspect, a man in his 30′s,  invited the victim inside his home so she could be inside while she waited for her mother. 

Once inside the suspect’s house, the suspect began to forcefully remove the victim’s clothing at which time a physical struggle ensued.  The victim produced a knife and stabbed the suspect in the lower torso, enabling her to break free of the suspect and flee the home.  The suspect chased the victim outside. 

Once outside the victim began screaming for help at which time the suspect retreated back inside his residence.  A neighbor heard the screaming and offered the victim refuge until officers arrived.   

Once on scene officers contacted the suspect, who was interviewed and placed under arrest. 

The suspect was transported to Harborview Medical Center by SFD medics for treatment of his non-life-threatening injury.  The suspect remains under guard and upon release from the hospital will be booked into the King County Jail for Investigation of Attempted Rape. 

The victim was not injured and did not require medical attention. 

Sexual Assault Unit detectives will have responsibility for the on-going investigation.

0 thoughts on “Woman stabs attacker near Sam Smith Park

  1. Since when is it SPD’s policy to broadcast that someone is under guard at a specific hospital, thus endangering the corrections officer serving guard duty? Oddly sloppy of SPD to post this release.

  2. They usually mention where victims and suspects are treated (and it’s almost always Harborview – not difficult to guess where he is). It doesn’t surprise me that it’s in there. I think they mention he’s under guard so other women in the area don’t worry he’s going to invite them in next.

  3. Woman goes into man’s house and stabs him. Most people find many alternatives to situations in which somebody must be stabbed. We want to rally around what appears to be a rape victim – and this would make sense. But still, what was she thinking and how did we get to stabbing. The weather has been quite nice. Why not wait outside for mom? Perhaps this young women is a member of the ever growing Jackson Place Slash Mob (JPSM)! The JPSM is running wild in our streets.

  4. Yeah Fish! You’re right, why didn’t she just ask him politely to please stop assaulting her? Especially since she’d certainly granted this guy she knew non-vocal permission to have sex just by going in his house instead of standing alone on the street in the dark.

    Bet she was wearing something provocative too. You know those women, they’re always asking for it, right? I mean, what’s a guy supposed to do????????

  5. man: sexually assaulted the woman in his own home. even if he succeeded, she would get away and know where he lives…

    woman: going into a stranger’s home alone to wait for a bus when you’re perfectly fine outside… unfortunately finds herself being assaulted

  6. Detsea – according to the info, the woman knew the suspect, so he wasn’t a stranger.

    “(the suspect) who is not a stranger to the victim”